The Adventure Comics #6 Cover!

Thanks to Newsarama, we’ve got our first look at the January Superman-related titles, including Adventure Comics #6, the last issue of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul’s run (sob).  As you can see at right, they’re going out with a bang (dinosaurs?), and there’s even a hint in the solicitation that they may be back on […]

Interesting … Adventure Comics #4!

Maybe it’s just me, but too soon?  Maybe not for Geoff Johns – he probably wrote the finale for Legion of Three Worlds like a year ago.  I do trust him, though.  Another piece of art shows that it definitely looks like Blackest Night will be darkening up Adventure Comics.

Are you ready for a taste of ADVENTURE COMICS?

I’m so excited about DC’s upcoming Adventure Comics series, I might pee myself, if I haven’t already.  I should check that.  Anyway, writer Geoff Johns may be my favorite comic writer today, and artist Francis Manapul is certainly one of the hottest new talents out there.  I have high hopes for what they’re bringing to […]

Adventure Comics #1 – August 2009!

Remember this preview art of the cover for the upcoming Adventure Comics #1 that was printed in the back of Adventure Comics #0?  As if the cover already wasn’t a dead giveaway, and the hints in Adventure Comics #0 didn’t clue you in, DC has revealed the star of Adventure Comics, and fans…myself included…will be […]