Ideology of Madness inspired gifts

There are only sixteen more shopping days until Christmas! Muppet flail! No reason to panic, you’ve got this. On the off chance that my last post didn’t give you enough ideas for what to get the geeky people on your list, I thought I would come back and share a few more gift ideas based […]

GenCon Journal 2014: Under the Hat

One of the things that I wanted to do at Gen Con this year was to delve beneath the surface of a game company. There were so many companies that make games I enjoy that I was suffering from analysis paralysis. Luckily, I was provided some direction from the guys on Funnybooks. If you listen […]

Fate Core System

Squee! Sorry, that had to be said. You are most probably wondering why I would start a post out with such a joyful noise? Those three simple words at the top of the post is why. Evil Hat Productions has unleashed upon the internet the Kickstarter for the Fate Core System. This is the system that is […]