There are only sixteen more shopping days until Christmas!

Muppet flail!

No reason to panic, you’ve got this. On the off chance that my last post didn’t give you enough ideas for what to get the geeky people on your list, I thought I would come back and share a few more gift ideas based around things found here on Ideology of Madness.

You may have noticed that we now have a video cast, Beer Run Geek, that showcases Paul’s journey to running a half marathon as well as sharing his love of craft beers and other geeky things. Being a runner myself, I am enjoying the show and it brought to mind an excellent gift idea for runners or fitness people that may be on your list. Most runners like to listen to something when they are running. The downside is that you have the wires running from your device your head. This means you may be getting caught up in the headphone wires, getting them caught on things or having to run them under your shirt to keep them out of the way. None of these are ideal. The answer, Jam Transit Buds. These are wireless headphones that utilize bluetooth technology to connect your device and the headphones. I’ve used several different brands of wireless headphones and have to say that these are the best all around. You can find the on Amazon for about $31. Their sound quality is excellent and they stand up to sweat and the rough use that happens while exercising.

Actual plays from the members of Funnybooks are also another mainstay here at Ideology of Madness. We have a multitude of Reignsborough shows that feature the Savage World Role Playing Game and several games using the Atomic Robo from Evil Hat. Both are excellent ideas for the gamers on your list. Savage Worlds is a rules lite system that is easy to learn and simple to master. Despite this simplicity it is able to handle a variety of genres with ease. The list of settings for this system is long and all are pretty easy on the wallet. The deluxe explorer’s edition is available on Amazon for under $10. A good game at a great price. Atomic Robo is a game that combines the Fate core rules with the setting from the Atomic Robo comic. It provides a presentation of the Fate Core rules that allows you begin play with quickly or to dive deeper into the system to explore it’s nuances. It does an excellent job of capturing the feel of Atomic Robo comic and makes you feel like you are an Action Scientist! It also is an excellent resource for the comic if you aren’t a large fan of role playing games. The book and PDF deal is only $35 which makes another gift that is easy on the wallet as well.

So what are you waiting for, Christmas will be here in no time! get out there and finish your shopping!

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