Justice League 3000 No 7

At the end of the sixth issue of Justice League 3000, I was on the fence about this book. The seventh issue has helped me make up my mind and sadly I have to come down on the side of dropping this book from my list. The story picks up with this team fleeing from the […]

Justice League 3000 No 3

This third issue of Justice League 3000 is a little bit of a mixed bag. One of the things I was excited to see in this issue was Tarkon Glatos. I mentioned that I was a fan of the Legion of Super Heroes when I started reviewing this book and was pleased to see the […]

Justice League 3000 No 2

Spoiler warning on! Wow…it is only issue two and shit just got real. This issue the Wonder Twins (I’ll never get tired of writing that) send this dysfunctional Justice League on what is supposed to be a simple backwater planet. They are to slip in undetected, trash the place and get out. It is not […]