Pathfinder: Inner Sea Gods

My gateway into roleplaying games and the science fiction & fantasy genre was mythology. In elementary school, I found a book on Greek and Roman mythology and I was hooked. I would spend my time in the school and local library finding what other books about mythology they had. My sources did not have the […]

Gen Con 2013

The vision statement here at Ideology of Madness is “If we geek about it, we speak about it.” This week my geek-ness has been all about Gen Con. This week saw pre-registration open up on Sunday and the housing block open up on Tuesday and have all the rooms sold out in about an hour. […]

Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide

It is about fucking time. I’ve played D&D for quite some time.  After so many years of exposure to the standard fantasy races, I was quite bored with them.  It wasn’t until D&D 4E that these core races were changed up some.  Previous editions had presented optional races but they suffered from both poor execution, […]