ARON: Hey, I read your Skulduggery Pleasant thing yesterday.  You know, my parents always said that had I been born a girl, they’d have named me Valkyrie Cain.   Weird, huh?

PAUL: Wow… really?

ARON: No, not really.  Actually, had I been born a girl, the ‘rents planned on naming me Tiffany Paige. Can you imagine how annoying SHE would have been?! Also, a big ho.

PAUL: Tiffany Paige.  Wow… you would have been sorority queen, though.

ARON: I would have had HUGE hair, too.  You know who else has got big hair?  The mighty Thor!

Thor #600Thor #600 was AWESOME. Stracyznski and Coipel are huge on their game. I love the return to original numbering, too.

This was a story I didn’t see coming, but made perfect sense. It sets up the new arc in a beautiful fashion. And the book is BIG! Full story (some 41 pages my count) by Stracynzki and Coipel with fan-freaking-tastic utilization of Djurdjevic for certain parts, an original story by Stan Lee with snazzy retro-style artwork by David Aja, a new Mini-Marvels, and reprints from Journey Into Mystery.

The guys at Marvel honored where Thor’s been while making the way clear for a whole new future.  Bad.  Ass.

It was five bucks, and as a special edition? Worth it.


PAUL: I really think I might need to pick up this run of Thor. I loved it back when Romita, Jr. was on it (after Heroes Reborn), but I haven’t checked it out in a LONG time. I love me those Mini Marvels, too.

ARON: You know me. I’m cheap. Comics should not be more than $3. I have no regrets or gripes about this one. The main story was TERRIFIC. Lots and lots of butt-kicking. Big beat downs. And things grew out of the story that I did not see coming. In retrospect, I can see it. Totally organic. JMS has been eating his Wheaties.

Lady Loki much preferred over Dude Loki...

PAUL: Hey, I’m with you totally on that the price thing.  Maybe I’ll check it out.

Who ordered the ass-handing? You?

PAUL: I’ve been hearing good things on the Captain Britain comic as well, actually.

ARON: I haven’t read Captain Britain in forever.  I mean… Excalibur volume 1, I think.  I always liked Cap’n Brit’s costume.

PAUL: Ha, me too.


In the issue coming out this week, which is the start of a new storyline, Dracula is setting up a Kingdom on the Moon or something.

ARON: Of course! Dracula on the moon! That makes so much sense!

PAUL: I think Doc Doom might be with him, actually.  Still, could be fun!

ARON: Oh Dr Doom, you say? Interesting company he’s keeping nowadays…