Resident Evil 5I was going to wait till Sunday to post this…but why wait?

Let’s face it.  The only thing more fun to kill than a Nazi is a zombie.  That’s why we love Wolfenstein – zombie nazis.

And what better game has come along to feed our desire to lay some lead into the undead than Resident Evil?  Sure, they switched from zombies to “rage virus” infected people in part 4.  But, let’s be honest…they’re just like zombies.

Resident Evil 5 comes out March 13th for both the Ps3 and Xbox 360, and will run you the usual sixty bucks.  But why pay for something you can get for free?  Sunday marks one month for us at here at IoM, and we’re celebrating our first month our biggest contest yet – the opportunity to win a FREE copy of Resident Evil 5!  How do you do it?  Find out after the jump!

Well, we make it easy for you – post a comment in the talkback below telling us about your favorite zombie experience – is it House of the Dead: Overkill?  Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead?  Max Brooks’ World War Z?  Movie, tv, games, books, comics…anything you want!  Just let know which is your favorite and why.  We’ll pick a winner at random from the list and that lucky boil or ghoul will get a brand new, all shiny copy of Resident Evil 5 for the system of their choosing!

Contest ends midnight March 10th – that way we can (hopefully) get the game to you on release date!

Good luck!