Resident Evil 5I was going to wait till Sunday to post this…but why wait?

Let’s face it.  The only thing more fun to kill than a Nazi is a zombie.  That’s why we love Wolfenstein – zombie nazis.

And what better game has come along to feed our desire to lay some lead into the undead than Resident Evil?  Sure, they switched from zombies to “rage virus” infected people in part 4.  But, let’s be honest…they’re just like zombies.

Resident Evil 5 comes out March 13th for both the Ps3 and Xbox 360, and will run you the usual sixty bucks.  But why pay for something you can get for free?  Sunday marks one month for us at here at IoM, and we’re celebrating our first month our biggest contest yet – the opportunity to win a FREE copy of Resident Evil 5!  How do you do it?  Find out after the jump!

Well, we make it easy for you – post a comment in the talkback below telling us about your favorite zombie experience – is it House of the Dead: Overkill?  Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead?  Max Brooks’ World War Z?  Movie, tv, games, books, comics…anything you want!  Just let know which is your favorite and why.  We’ll pick a winner at random from the list and that lucky boil or ghoul will get a brand new, all shiny copy of Resident Evil 5 for the system of their choosing!

Contest ends midnight March 10th – that way we can (hopefully) get the game to you on release date!

Good luck!

91 thoughts on “IoM's Resident Evil 5 Giveaway!

  1. My exposure to zombie media isn’t that extensive, and I dunno if this would count or not, but one of my favorite zombie experiences comes from Resident Evil 2, when Ada gets impaled through the wall of the traincar/elevator thing (it’s a zombie game, it should count!). I was about 8 years old when I first played it, you see, and the game scared the hell out of me.

    I’d rented it on the N64 and I was too stupid to figure out most of the puzzles in the police station, so I loaded somebody else’s save, which was at the beginning of the sewer section. After screaming my way past giant spiders, cockroaches, and an alligator, and then shooting off something stabbing the roof of my cable car, I finally got a quiet moment alone with the quasi-cute Asian chick to take a well-earned breather.

    Then: BAM-O, out of nowhere the claw thing shows up again and stabs her through the wall. I screamed, loudly. I recoiled away from the TV and fell out of my chair. It was the first and only time that’s ever happened to me. I had my brother come over and play the forthcoming boss battle for me, because I was so terrified.

    Looking back now, RE2 was pretty damn violent for an 8 year old to play, but I eventually soldiered on and played through the whole thing, before I had to return it. Puberty may have hit a few years later, but I was already a man.

  2. My fondness of zombies is deep and extensive being a follower of every experience I can remember.being 19 now I was about 7 when I was introduced to the Resident Evil series and its been a lifestyle for me ever since.

    Playing many other games I cannot help but come back to Resident Evil. The amazing and unique character of the games is enough to keep me playing them all over and over to this day with an umbrella corp. Tattoo.

    Among the many “OMFG!!” moments in the series including William Birkin’s Pop-in’s and Mr.X in RE2. The raining champ of scaring my pants off when I was younger was Nemesis From RE3.

    Nemesis was the bringer of wet pants back on his debut in RE3. No one moment tops the other as time after time JUST as you think you are safe he leeps through the window with a R.Launcher or sprints out of the fire at the speed of sound it would seem having the player jump off of his couch while running to the nearest door.

    Taking down Stars members in his path like they were kittens (R.I.P. Brad Vickers :P) and even ruining zombies chances with a quick punch sure to kill, Nemesis was truly fear with legs. I will never forget (scary voice)”STARS” and that music accompanied by his presence.

    I will never forget screaming “Oh My God!” and jumping trying to reach the next door as he barrels through the police station right behind me. I could feel my heart jumping out of my chest.

    RE5 marks the release of more jumping moments and frantic battles. Even with no Nemesis, I know capcom has something just as worthy in store for us and I can’t wait to jump and freak out once more.

    Fear We Won’t Forget.. Kijuju.

  3. I wouldn’t call this my favorite memory per se, but definitely my earliest exposure to zombie films (and one that would stick with me).

    I couldn’t have been more than a few years old when I caught a glimpse on TV of a man being torn in half and being dragged by zombies. My dad was watching a VHS, and I had just happened to step into the room. That scene stuck with me in my mind, but I never really knew what film it was from.

    Years later in high school I did a marathon of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead. The scene came in Day of the Dead where Bub salutes Capt. Rhodes as he is being torn apart by the zombies, and this is the scene that had “haunted” my mind since I was kid. While this film has a legion of fans, and has been influential on films like for 28 Days Later and Resident Evil Extinction, I personally just can’t get into it.

    Maybe because its the only film which I have to fast forward through the kills (and the only one in which I have to do this). I guess I don’t have the stomach for mixed up spaghetti spilling out of guy.

    In either case, thank you Romero for contributing to childhood trauma…and no zombie film can ever make me that queezy.

    P.S. Stop making bad movies that make Cloverfield look like an Academy Award winning picture.

  4. My favorite zombie experience was getting to watch Aron’s zombie game at FtC from afar. It was scary, even way back there in my Dukes game. Fortunately, I had moonshine to keep the fears at bay.

    Am I sucking up? Yes.

    Was it awesome anyway? Yes.

  5. The Walking Dead. Best zombie comic ever. Kirkman is a great writer and he does in there what all zombie stories should do. Make the humans be the real danger. zombies can be dealt with but laziness, greed, fear, envy jealously will always make any zombie group fall apart and die.

    The best zombie bit in there is whenever the survivors go somewhere the zombies always follow. They never get tired or get distracted. They always come and when the living reach their destination they have to hole up somewhere and figure out a way to deal with the slow horde that always shows up.

  6. An invasion not far off into the future, now in a post-apocalyptic world, not in the far reaches of a forest… The Zombie invasion that could take place in your very own back yard.

    One of the best representations of this I have ever seen was actually the British comedy, Shaun of the Dead, which masterfully was a great zombie film which happened to also be a comedy. It blended the two perfectly while also showing how a city unaware and going by each day with it’s daily mundane task could be so blind to their surroundings not to notice how people are slowly disappearing… dying… That the dead walk among them.

    It showed a realistic example of what could possibly happen if a zombie outbreak were to happen in a metropolitan town. How a nightmare can be caused just by keeping focused on ourselves. And some of the deaths in that movie were freaking awesome. XD

  7. i’ve played almost every resident evil game so far, but my favorite of the ZOMBIE games would probably have to be “Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.” i loved it because it brought me through some of my favorite scenes from previous RE games in a new way and it was ME shooting the creatures instead of me playing AS someone who was shooting them. and besides that (in my opinion) it was the first time that RE really NAILED the “first person shooter.” and i would love to see them make another one for the wii. 🙂

  8. Easy question as much as i want to say resident evil the games fantastic the movies “dreadfull” so it would have to be dawn of the dead,the movie had a realistic feel to it and is my favourite zombie movie.

  9. My goodness, where to begin! Obviously the George Romero movies were my first REAL taste of zombie culture (really the first taste of ANYONE!) the original Dawn of the Dead did it for me though! Tom Savini- famous zombie make up artist- became a hero to me! My favorite zombie moment has to have been sitting down with Resident Evil 2. Leon S. Kennedy was the coolest character and the game was just amazing! Later on when RE4 came out it was the same feeling. From reading “World War Z” to the Resident Evil Franchise to the original zombie guy himself, George Romero, zombies have easily provided endless entertainment for me over the years!

  10. Hmm, I would have too say, the scariest Zombie game I played was Resident Evil 1/2/3/CV, (Basically all main resi’s not 4, and I presume 5.) and Dead Rising

    For the Resident Evil games, I could only make it to a certain part from a quarter to half the game, and then I drop the controller and leave because I can’t handle the Licker that is around the corner, or the big huge Nemesis that pops in front of you. But in the end, that’s the fun of it! =)

    Dead Rising… Well, it’s not necessarily the Zombies that scare me, its the psychopathic people that shoot you while your trying to save civilians, and bosses that chase you around the mall when your out of bullets.

    =) Thanks for the opportunity of letting me say my idea in the games of being scared.

  11. I’ve got to say my favorite zombie experience, and also my first, has to be the original Resident Evil. I used to watch my brother play it and it scared the crap out of me. Which is quite sad now because I look at it now and I can’t make out a zombie from a from a pre rendered door. When i first saw that game in action I had nightmares for weeks, but the funny thing is I wanted to see more and I wanted to play. So I did play and I couldn’t put it down, which I guess thats what video games are all about…

  12. [Rec] was probably my favorite zombie experience. Half of the reason may be cause I didn’t know it was a zombie movie until I was into it. And it actually brought back some scaryness to a genre that had lost it.

    Also can’t leave out running at Left 4 Dead tournament at MAGFest and then mopping the floor with everyone with some Smoker skills.

  13. I would say my favorite zombies movie moment was Dawn of the Dead remake. It’s real cool how the zombies can run compared to the old movies where they were slow. (although 28 days later was the first to come up with fast moving zombies)

  14. I like the zombies from Uncharted Drake’s fortune! It’s the only game I’ve played that has zombies in it! I LOVE IT

  15. My favorite zombie experience was watching Return of the Living Dead when I was tweleve. At that time I was still afraid of a zombie takeover but knew that with a few well placed shots to the head and some quick feet, I could survive. That was until I saw Return.

    The zombies in the first Return are not only as fast as they were when they were once alive, but they also can’t die. In order to put a zombie out of commission, you would have to chop each and every limb off. Even after doing that, they culd still move around.
    That movie was just so eerie. They ended up nuking the place in the end. All that did was help in spreading the virus and nothing else.

  16. My favorite moment was in RE1 when the zombie dogs came out of the windows. that was priceless. I was 15 at that time and relatively unexperienced with everything regarding zombies so it was a memorable moment.

  17. Resident Evil will always hold a special place in my heart, being really my first exposure to both zombies, the horror genre. From there I went on to other things, but it will always be my first, which is my favorite piece of entertainment with zombies will have to be Resident Evil 1.

  18. RE1, when you ecounter the very first zombie. I was about 8 at the time, and i thought it was creepy the way he stoped munching on his victim, you see a pool of blood spill onto the floor and he turns around and looks at you. Also the zombie dogs jumping through the windows scared the crap outta me.

  19. My favorite zombie experience???
    When I look back I would like to say Night of the living dead but that would be a lie. The somewhat fake sequel RETURN of the living DEAD would be the most unique zombie experiences ever, it mocked everything I knew about the Romero zombie from giving them a sense of humor to making them crave brains like a skull bowl of human cereal. I remember the countless conversations Me and my bro had about that dumbass movie. its a classic favorite of mine.

  20. I remember when i was a child making home made zombie movies with my fathers old cam-corder. Those memories were my favorite. Or the first time i played Resident evil on the playstation one and almost crapped my pants. Or having the Zombie Survival guide take from me in 8th grade for violating school policy (somehow…).
    Zombies have been a part of my life since childhood. Now resident evil 5 is coming out and i dont know what to do with myself! :D! Its gonna be game of the year for me. Maybe even more than that.

  21. my best zombie experience has to be Resident Evil book #1 The Umbrella Conspiracy. it opened my eyes to what could happen and how to kill them. at the time i was only 6, but that didn’t stop me from loving the games and the books, the graphic novels, and the soundtracks. when you think about it, the T-virus isn’t that far-fetched, it could happen and the zombie killing would be real instead of virtual.

  22. My favorite Zombie experience was Resident Evil 2. It had the best story of the series, and i wasted more hours of my youth on it than any other zombie related item, except perhaps the orignal dawn of the dead, or deliberating over which zombie tattoo i was gonna get…but no! Resident evil 2 wins again!

  23. Their is so many fond memories I have of zombie movies but one of my most fondest is definitly in the film brain dead when the kung foo vicer is kicking the poop out of zombies in the graveyard and shouts “I kick ass for the lord!” before getting his knackers torn off from a buried zombie. Cracks me up everytime.

  24. One of my favourite zombie experiences was Resident Evil 2. I was very young at the time. After walking down the borded up hallways numerous times with no worries, zombies smash their arms through the barricades and grab me. I still cant get the stains out of my pants to this day lol.

  25. I have played Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, and all of the main Resident Evil games and by far Resident Evil is the best zombie series there is. The thing that sets the series apart from all the others is the exceptional storyline. I have followed the series since I first played RE2 (which is my favorite) and anticipate the release of every new title. The characters and villains make the experience seem more like watching a movie rather than a game. The best part of playing the game is the boss battles where you are tense, jumping up and down as your character dodges punches, and yelling at the screen when u suffer a critical hit.
    Now with the release of RE5 next week, the game looks awesome and I can’t wait to kick Wesker’s ass!

  26. I’ve dealt with so many damn zombies over the years, and I’d have to say the greatest experience with the undead has got to be a classic experience. Playing DeadRising on the Xbox 360 back in 2006 while watching and listening to the crazy electro music in Shawn of the Dead is pure-classic! Listening to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” really gets your excitement going while chopping down and running over thousands of zombies in the Willamette Parkview Mall on a weekend night.

    I’ve played all the Resident Evil games, I know all of it’s history and it’s timeline from start to….. well, up until Resident Evil 5. I need to know what happens next! Chris Redfield’s been my favorite zombie hunter from the original RE games and he’s back in RE 5. Except this time, he’s not fighting zombies, he’s fighting parasite-infected Majini villiagers, giant freaking crocodiles, rabid, infected dogs, huge killer butterflies that sprout out from dude’s heads, and way more crazy shit!

    I need this game, and I need it NOW!!! ^_^

  27. My best zombie moment was with the first Resident Evil. From the time the first zombie looks over his shoulder at you and gives chase, you know you are in for a nightmare. I loved it.

  28. My favorite zombie moment undoubtedly came from a Resident Evil game. I’d played all the main games, RE, RE2, etc. But Resident Evil REmake really got me back into the series. The amazing graphics and new gameplay blew me away. Now, the moment that really sticks out in my mind was my first encounter with the Crimson Head zombies in REmake. Oh, my, GOD. I mean, by the time it came out, we’d all grown accustom to the slow, cumbersome zombies walking around and lunging after us. But when these new forms of flesh craving zombies starting running after you, that was fear. For a while, I was almost too afraid to play (and I was probably 16 at the time). Wow, what an addition to the RE series. Although I’m glad that each game since hasn’t featured these type of zombies, their inclusion in REmake really made that game what it was.

    Honorable mention would go to seeing the naked zombies at the end of RE2 for the first time. What an amusing/disgusting sight they were.

  29. In video games I would definitely have to say my most memorable experience was with Resident Evil 1. The part when the dogs first jump out of the window scared the hell out of me. In literature I would say Max Brooks’ novel “World War Z.” That book had awesome stories about people’s encounters with the undead.

  30. My first Resident Evil experience came when the first game for the playstation came out back in the late 90’s. With the horrible PS1 graphics and cheasy canadian voice actors, the game was still the only one to scare me to this day. I have been hooked on the series ever since. I even dressed up as a zombie scientist from the game when the next halloween came up (yes I was a grammar school student playing a “mature” title game). I’ve played through each game and have read everything related to the series. Even addicted to the various merchandise out there from Japan. Can’t wait for the next instalment of Resident Evil and to actually have some closure with my very favorite fictional pharmaceutical company Umbrella and to learn about the progenitor virus. Here’s to many more Resident Evil games and the return of real zombies and the Umbrella corporation!

  31. My favorite zombie experience is when I first saw 28 days later and learned about the rage virus. Running zombies created a world without escape that made the zombie experience that much more scary. Danny Boyle is an amazing director is his take on John Romero creation inspired 1000’s of other people to think in a different direction. Not to mention the fact that you cared about the characters in that movie and the film style was incredibly well shot (I love the filtering he uses). People should remember 28 days later as opposed to its lesser sequel “28 weeks later” because it really was a work of zombie masterpiece and holds a special place in my heart.

  32. Man…

    As a child… I had a deathly fear of… death. The concept of not living scared the hell out of me. I figured that once you are dead, that’s it. Then I learned of the walking dead. My first experience with zombies was around age 9.

    I first saw (and I know this sounds silly…) Friday the 13th Part 6, Jason Lives. I had seen prior Jason Voorhees movies and figured he was just hard to kill.
    I was pretty sure after Part 4 that he was truly dead (machete to the head repeated times could kill almost anything.) When Jason was brought back by that lightning strike and he became one of the undead… I became truly afraid. How can you kill something that is already dead? A walking corpse. That can kill.

    My favorite experience, however, was fighting William Birkin in Resident Evil 2 for the N64. I remember his guttural yelling, and how each time I killed him… he came back stronger, uglier, and harder to put down. He truly lost his humanity when he killed his wife and impregnated his daughter, Sherry. The most frighening scene in that whole game is when after you defeat the final mutated form of Mr. X (the advanced Tyrant who chases you) and you think it’s finally over.

    I mean, in the last game, that’s what happened.

    Then an alert comes on the train; the escape is delayed. I, playing Leon, figured it was a few other zombies or something. To my surprise… a huge formless blob of flesh, blood, muscles, teeth, and two red eyes came to kill me. I used all my heavy ammo on Mr. X. You can guess who won. To this day… I never finished Resident Evil 2. The Birkin family interests me. The G Virus he created is one of the most dangerous viruses in the RE universe.

    Besides the gameplay like RE4, which I thought was a breath of fresh air, I want to play RE5 because I heard that Sherry Birkin would be in the game. I have avoided all spoilers to hopefully find out myself what happened to Sherry. Is she allied with Wesker? Or is she his puppet? Is she still infected with the G Virus? Do you fight her in a boss battle?

    Sherry didn’t deserve what she went through in Raccoon City. Hopefully, she is freed from her bloodline.

    Other awesome zombie related media I have experienced:

    -Reading “The Walking Dead” comic series
    -Watching all Romero zombie movies (Day of the Dead is my favorite because of the social commentary on humanity)
    -Playing Dead Rising (engrossing, to say the least)
    -Watching “Dawn of the Dead” remake in theaters.
    -Will be involved in college student film involving zombies (hopefully I’ll play the Black guy who dies excessively violent)
    -Playing most Resident Evil games, except for rail shooters like Dead Aim
    -Beating House of the Dead 2 for Dreamcast like… 40 times.
    -Playing the RE5 demo like 50 times.

    And as a final note… Albert Wesker is a badass. I can’t wait to see his plans for the world.

    As he said… “The right to be a god… that right is now mine!”

    Not if Chris has anything to do with it.

    Chris and Albert have unfinished business. From the Spencer Mansion to Antarctica to Africa.

    Let’s finish this… once and for all.

  33. My Favorite Zombie event of course has to be the first Zombie in Resident Evil 1. Without a doubt looking into the eye’s of that first undead revealed that Resident Evil was going to be a bad-ass thrill ride, well capable of satisfying even the most hardcore of Zombie Hunters. Even today it still gets me pumped to pump some lead into some rotting corpses…..Good Times….my xbox 360 is hungry for some Resident Evil……

  34. It’s funny, really, because my first and favourite zombie experience involved a parody of the genre, Return of the Living Dead. I must’ve been around ten years old and I’d heard about this film from a friend who had it – and the only thing I knew was that a big explosion was involved. Given the morbid fascination I had at the time with big explosions, I really wanted to see it, preferrably without watching all the horror stuff in between. However, my friend forced me to watch the whole film and I quickly gave in to temptation.

    Let me just add that the film was dubbed in a typical post-communist manner: all actors were dubbed by the same person, this lady with a highly montonous voice. Somehow though, the bit about it all being based on true events sounded only creepier coming out of her mouth and given that at that time I could not really distinguish between what was comedic intent and what was real, it made me worry.

    An hour and a half later I had little clue as to how many nightmares RotLD will cause me in the next few months. How far away I was from a cemetary became an important fact when I could do a sleep over at a friend and all I really wanted was to have a baseball bat at hand just in case I needed to make a phone call during a zombie resurrection.

    This was before Resident Evil 2, then Resident Evil 3, and then the whole rest of the bunch. And while RotLD taught me how to be scared like hell, Resident Evil helped me cleanse the fear and blow its brains out. But yeah, RotLD was the start of my romantic adventure in zombieland.

  35. My favorite zombie moment comes from the videogame we have all come to love, Resident Evil 2. I’m sure you all remember when William Birkin pulled Chief Brian Irons down into the sewer, ripped him in half and proceeding to hurle him back up at you.

  36. I have no love for zombies.. hence why I love to blast the gooey inards all over the friggin place. But one of the grossest moments of zombie carnage that I have seen comes from a movie called Land of the Dead. I felt REAL sorry for that guy named “Mouse.” Resident Evil “re-make” scared the shit out of me too… haha stupid crimson heads! I never expected a zombie to be scarier than it kinda already was… I filled my pants the first time I saw a crimson head because of the fixed camera and crappy but taunting music that made me automatically point my gun and shoot ammo at nothing haha. Then when I saw that joker coming at me I had to sit in the next room for a scared second to build up enough courage to get a cheap tactical advantage.

  37. I got really drunk and everyone turned into zombies. I killed them all. After I sobered up, they became human again, though. Weird.

  38. I always had a huge fear of zombies growing up. As a matter of fact. I would imagine and go to bed scared thinking they were going to be banging on my window. I used to ask my mom how close we lived to the cemetary so in case zombies did rise from the grave, how much time would it be before they got here. Yeah… but one day I just sorta snapped outta that. I beleive I totally overcame that fear when I played Resident Evil 1 back when I was 13. It was a amazing experience and ever since then I’ve loved the zombie genre. I can’t get enough.

  39. MY all time favorite zombie experience was resident evil2
    mostly because the music was so haunting and melodic
    the gameplay was unforgettable
    still is my all time favorite REsident Evil game.
    being able to play as two different characters and
    te unlockables was truly amazing
    i would love if they made a remake for RE2 for the 360/PS3

  40. The best zombie experience ever- REmake, The original remake of Resident Evil, on the gamecube. I shat brix.


  41. My favorite zombie moment is in the film Dead Alive AKA Braindead, when Lionel enters the house and completely massacres the zombies that are congregated in there. Strapped around his neck is a lawn mower, the carnage that follows is hilarious/awesome/completely necessary. Just when you thought he is finished, he runs back through again, chopping up arms and legs and heads. Speaking of heads, the way the camera follows the severed head on the floor is perfect. Kicked around like a ball, it finally meets it’s demise in a blender. And when the girl rips the spine out of the zombie ala Mortal Kombat style, swings it around, and smashes it on the counter. The whole scene is hilarious, and it can’t be helped to think that this served as a major inspiration for future movies such as Shaun of the Dead and games like Dead Rising. Perfection.

  42. My favorite zombie experience is a hard one to pin down. I’ve been a zombie-fan for so long…

    In movies: I’ll have to go with Shaun of The Dead. Not only did it manage to be the best zombie comedy ever, but it also had some genuinely creepy bits as well as some great drama, which is more than I can say for a lot of other zombie flicks. The best moment is the very end where ***SPOILERS ALERT*** Shaun and Zombie Ed are playing PS2. Priceless.

    In games: Gotta be the remake of the original Resident Evil. They took everything that was creepy about the original and cranked it to 11! Hoards of zombies not enough? Okay how about this; If you don’t dispose of them properly, they come back as fast, strong and vicious zombies. The best moment of the game, as far as zombies go, would have to be the fight with the Crimson Head in the Machine Room. Talk about your tenacious zombies!

    In TV: The Hogan Family Halloween special. If you’ve seen it (and remember it) you’ll know exactly why!

  43. My experience with zombies is pretty shallow, but since last year, I’ve been hopelessly addicted to the Resident Evil series. Over the year, I’ve managed to play through every canon Resident Evil game and at the top of that list is RE3. Now even though I started out with RE4, RE3 scared me in more ways than RE4 can even hope to muster. During the course of the game — which I have on my PC — I ran from hordes of zombies, shot at them whenever I had more than ten bullets, and crapped my pants every time I heard Nemesis’ infamous slogan. >_<

    But the best moment in that game — as well as any game I’ve played in my 15 years of gaming — comes at the very end of the game. You’ve spent two in-game days running from Nemesis, have emptied enough bullets, shells, grenades, etc into his skull to level a block of Raccoon City AND blasted him TWICE with a RAIL CANNON…. and he’s STILL coming after you. So what do you do? You find a conveniently located Magnum Revolver on the ground and fire all six rounds into his sorry carcass while giving the best finishing line in RE history: “You want S.T.A.R.S.? I’ll give you S.T.A.R.S.!”

    Yeah. That’s right Nemesis. You got owned by a girl wearing a mini skirt and a tube top. X3

  44. Favorite Zombie experience eh? Either Resident Evil 2 or Dead Rising. RE2 because of all the cool monsters in addition to zombies and Dead Rising because of all the great different methods you could use to kill thousands of zombies at a time.

  45. Definitely House of the Dead: Overkill. It was so gratifying blowing up Zombie (excuse me, mutant) Clowns in the amusement park level. Also, the boss was incredibly repulsive.

    Great times!

  46. One time i went into the woods with my friend and he becamed le zomb and ate all the trees cuz i have no brains

  47. My favorite zombie experience was watching Tom Savini’s Night of the Living Dead (remake) when I was a kid. This version is so underrated, even to this day I still get a bit queasy watching reruns of it. Even thinking of the eerie opening scene at the cemetery where Johnny calls out “They’re coming to get you Barbara” makes me want to crap my pants!!

    …uhh, excuse me I’ll be right back…

  48. Zombies kick a$$ because of all the horror possibilities becoming reality (ie: werewolves, vampires, etc.) the undead is the most plausible.
    To pick 1 is like asking a fat kid what his favorite food of choice is.
    I’d have to go with the Zombie genre as a whole.
    It’s just too good to narrow for someone like me who enjoys it all.
    From “Resident Evil 2” to “Day of the Dead.”
    From “28 Days Later” to “Evil Dead II.”
    I guess when it comes down to it, the portrayal of the living dead in video games and film is where it’s at for me.

  49. Well, my favorite zombie experience was when I was playing Resident Evil Nemesis. I remember I was 8 years old… yeah yeah, I know that at that age I wasn´t supposed to play rated “M” but ehh… Xd
    Well, I was eating some churros while I was playing, it was the first time I´ve playen RE Nemesis. So, I didn´t know what to expect… anyhow, I was approaching the outside of the RPD and enter. Well, I notice there was a cutscene, so I decided to grab a churro at start eating it. I was watching the cutsune when all of a sudden some enormous moster came from nowhere and killed Brad. I was like, oh shit!! That scene cared the hell out of me, I couldn´t finish my churro and to top it off, I chosed to fight with the moster. pufff, bad decision, I couldn´t believe how fast and powerful he was. He killed me so quickly, Nemesis was a badass, and still know, he´s a tough one to beat. Well, that is my favorite zombie momment Xd. See ya

  50. Well, i’d have to say my favourite zombie experience is the RE4 mercenaries. Shredding zombies with HUNK’s TMP is just too much fun >=D

  51. my favorite zombie moment is in the 1st resident evil movie when they see the first licker threw the tv after it kills that guy who was carying the anti virus

  52. My favorite zombie experience is when i became a zombie in the game “left 4 dead” I kill all my friends and i won the game by myself LOL.

  53. Hm, I’d have to say my favorite experience is Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: World at War. It’s wicked fun and you WILL lose no matter what! Staying up all night trying to survive with a few friends is the best. Nothing like killing Nazi Zombies in the early morning to start off your day!

  54. My favorite Zombie experience…
    Welp, When I was about 12-13 years old, I was afraid of zombies, deathly afraid of zombies. That all changed when I saw the second RE movie. I was just about ready to crap my pants when my big sister suggested (probably knowing I would freak out) we should watch it, but my pride kept me from running away like the girl I am. So about 20 mins into the movie (if memory serves) my heart is racing and Im contemplating a way to escape the room without looking like a wuss, when suddenly I start laughing at the shear ridiculousness of the whole thing. The dramatic camera angles, the faces on the actors the horrid music…I couldn’t take it anymore. XD Sure I did have a few of those “oh S***” moments with the lickers and Nemesis, but for the most part I reveled in the madness. Sure, the Resident Evil movies are overall pretty bad, Apocalypse will always have a special place in my heart. It made the zombie lover/killer I am today.

  55. The first time I played Resident Evil 2. I was about 12 years old and I remember my next door neighbor who was my elder spoke briefly about a “zombie” game that I just had to play. We ended up going to his friends house who was a bigger RE junkie and watched him play the PC version…I was done. Not only was I completely engrossed with the story, but the zombie moans and the way the moved scared the crap out of me. A week later I purchased the game, but found it very difficult to play it, I would ask my neighbor to come over and I watched him play. Good times indeed.

  56. My favorite zombie experience is from the first resident evil game when the dogs jump through the windows, enough said its one of the most classic and unforgettable video game horror scenes in my eyes im sure many would agree with me and thats why its my favorite zombie experience.

  57. haha my favorite zombie moment was in the remake of dawn of the dead when the married couple has the baby but the baby comes out a zombie hahahaha I mean what would you do with it?

  58. Hm…my favorite zombie experience would have to be Nemesis from Resident evil…that shit scared me like no other…being chased throughout the city by that epic superzombie *shudders*

  59. Favorite zombie experience… hmmm… That’s gotta be the opening of the original Resident Evil. Cheeze-fest!!

    Or maybe the gut ripping in the Day of the Dead…

    But favorite “overall” zombie experience would have to be the original George A Romero Dawn of the Dead.

  60. Hmm My favorite zombie experience…
    I had a dream twice about the whole world turning into zombies excluding my family. So we basically have to survive.

  61. My favorite zombie experience was that of playing the original Resident Evil on PS1. The whole backstory of the Umbrella Corporation, Ozwell Spencer, George Trevor, it all intrigued me so much. And Resident Evil 2 was even better. The series as a whole really turned me on to zombies, survivalism, guns, etc. In a way, it really did change my life and how I perceive things around me. All thanks to those lurching, fetid sons of beasties….

  62. Of all the great memories we all have, mine isn’t just my own. I remember surviving horror in th original 3 Resident Evils with my brother. We’d stay up all night playing through them, our under garments soiled. I still get shivers up and down my spine when I think of nemesis busting in through the window in the police station. “STARS”. I remember when we left Rebecca to die in RE1 cause we hated her so much, haha. Shame we didn’t get the good ending cause of that. Grrrrrr. I think these are just examples of the countless memories me and my brother have of horror, from the granddaddy game series of Resident Evil to movies like the awesome remake of Dawn of the Dead, but because I have to choose one, I’ll choose the best one. 28 Days later, the birth of the rage zombies. That movie alone made me fear zombies more than ever. I learnt to fear them again in a new way. God its creepy. Me and my brother James will never be able to regain the pride lost from freaking out at that movie lmao. Anyway thats my favorite, heres hoping that we’ll have a new favorite playing RE5 co-op. *Crosses fingers*

  63. My favorite zombie memory is playing RE 3 Nemesis all summer long with my Uncle. Half the time we had no idea what to do for the puzzles and we fought Nemesis in his many incarnations multiple times. Probably my fondest summer memory to date.
    2nd place goes to my first Crimson Head zombie in the REmake. It scared the living shit out of me and my friend, who decided we could just walk on dead zombies all we wanted… big mistake.

  64. My favorite zombie experience turned out to be my worst nightmares. Way back in the day I loved to read Evil Ernie comics. The books were so scary and freaky; and my infatuation showed with all the drawings I did of Ernie and his smiley face pin. I think because I was so into it, I started to have a series of nightmares where I was a lone survivor surrounded by zombies who all want my flesh. The worst part is seeing my family as zombies too. 12-13 years later and I still say those were THE most horrific and memorable nightmares I ever had. (I can never forget my zombie lil’ sister clawing at my feet)

  65. My favorite zombie experience would have to be the year I was an actor for Paramount’s Kings Dominion here in VA. I signed up over the summer to do their October Scarefest. Being a huge horror/zombie fan joining the ranks of the un-dead only seemed natural for my role. So I did the 2 hour drive to the park one weekend in October and it was a blast. For the first few hours of Friday night I had to pretty much walk around and observe some of the veterans since this was my first time. Even got a picture with one of the more intense looking zombies. When it was finally my time I took my home-bought kit (the wait for the make-up artist would have taken all night) and headed into the bathroom where I became a brain muncher. I took a lot from movies and games I had saw and really tired to play my part. I spent about 13 hours that weekend creeping around, moaning, chasing and scaring the shit out of the guest. But let’s not forget about me time, in which me and a few of the actors went into a local IGA close to the park and stocked up on “un-dead booze” as we called it. Zombies gotta get their drink on too! I stayed in costume all weekend aside from sleeping and showering. Those of us who weren’t local got put up into a cheap hotel and we also had a blast walking the halls there. The workers their thought we were a bunch of crazies walking around screaming for brians.
    It’s by far my most memorable expeirence. I’ve even enclosed some photos taken durrig the event.

    Photo of veteran Zombie and myself.

    Me as a Zombie gettin my drink on!

  66. I’ve been playing video games and movies of zombies for years now. My favorite zombie experience was when I first played Resident Evil Directors Cut; when you discover a zombie eating your partner, and he turns around and looks at you with his creepy face and blood all over him. That was with out a doubt my favorite zombie experience.

  67. I have been playing the resident evil games since the first one the playstation on one. I never liked a series more than resident evil. And we finaly get to play five! Im so excited.

  68. My favorite zombie experiences were when I wrote my own resident evil script and tried to make a movie. It was set in the RE universe but did not have any RE characters as leads- all new people, all new story. A friend and I started filming this around 2001 but sadly it was never completed due to people not showing up. The trailer to the movie is still on youtube here so go watch. Its not the best trailer, or even complete, none of the effects are there, but it was a lot of fun and maybe I’ll actually get to shoot it some day. P.S. I am the tubby one.

  69. My favorite zombie experience happened when I was a kid. One night my parents and I stayed up late to watch our favorite zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead (1978). We wanted to be like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and find something funny to say about everything. The silly-looking, clumsy zombies made it easy for us.

  70. For me the experience would have to be when I dressed myself up as a zombie for halloween and laid down in front of door. My makeup was excellent and I used dark clothing to cover up my entire body. Whenever kids would walk up to our door to knock I would either moan, yell, or combine both and grab their leg. I only did this to kids who seemed old enough and had a great time giving them candy afterwards. A guy walked up to me and said his girlfriend was just down the street and that she was visiting from somewhere and had never gone out on halloween before. He asked me to scare her when she arrived and when I did she took off running down the driveway. The three of us ended up hanging out a few days later and laughing about it.


    Resident Evil all the way.

  71. I saw some Zombie movie when i was like 5. It really creeped me out thinking could this really happen I don’t want the world to end!

  72. my favorite zombie moment of all time is definitly when you fight the first el gigante in resident evil 4 and the dog that was in the bear trap comes to rescue you while you finish it off with your TMP

  73. My favorite zombie experience was with resident evil 2 with the lickers and all those scary stuff i couldn’t sleep for weeks after playing that game.

  74. My favorite zombie story would have to be the original Resident Evil. I was in Elementary school and picked the game up from a pawn shop for like 5 bucks. After shooting the first zombie in the face I was hooked on Resident Evil and survival horror games for life.

  75. As far as zombie-related things I like, I just like them all…

    It could be campy, high budget, gory, not gory..but there’s something about dead-people (or sometimes animals, creatures, etc) walking around, moaning, and eating other people; that I just love.

    One thing that I remember always happening, was that every time I played a Resident Evil game (since the first one on the original/gray PlayStation console), I went to sleep and always had a dream (or a nightmare?) of me running around trying to survive waves of zombies and creatures..and the “dream” always ended with me dying. I always found those “dreams” to be..kinda cool, because I felt like I was inside a movie..hehehe..

    I remember when I played the REmake (Resident Evil remake for the GameCube), one time I finished it 3 times in a row in one sitting (hehe), I dream with the giant snake and the shark from it too, only that there were zombies swimming in the tank along the shark.

    I’m kinda disappointed that zombie movies, games, in general are rarely made and most of the ones that are done are ignored by many; maybe that’s the reason why I like’em so much.

    Now here comes Friday (March) 13th. A date that for now won’t only be remembered for the “Jason movies”, but because of the release of the (soon) awesome Resident Evil 5…yikes!, can’t wait to see the “dreams” I’ll get!

  76. I remeber when i was younger, going to my friend robs house. We would play resident evil almost every visit. By the time Resident Evil 4 came out, we were so exstatic. I was at his house non stop playing that game with him and our other buddies. We played resident evil 4 for about 3 1/2 years before turning our coppies in to the local gamestop. We got so much out of that game and all of the others. Hopefully resident evil 5 will bring fun memories for me and my friends to talk about untill resident evil 6 comes out in, who knows when! haha

  77. Favorite zombie experience? Has to be playing Resident evil while blasting Re:your brains by Jonathon Coulton. Best juxtaposition ever.

  78. My favorite Zombie experience is in Resident Evil 4. The part where you either fight El Gigante or the Bella Sisters(chainsaw). I picked the Bella Sisters. With two chainsaw WOMAN and a few Ganados made my forehead and my hands sweat. It took me some tries to pass this part. After I passed the game. I got the infinity rocket launcher and the hand cannon, and I made them suffer. It was hilarious killing what used to scare me!

    There was one moment in Left 4 Dead, when I was playing online co-op with some of my friends in Versud mode that I was left to defend for myself. I was reaching the safe room in Death Toll Chapter 2 when a smoker grabed, then a boomer vomited on me, then a hunter jumped on me while I was down. Finally a Tank finished the infected and me with them. It was a hilarious moment.

    In the Resident Evil 5 Demo, I was playing Shanty Town. Fighting the Chainsaw guy. Since I was Chris I had the Rifle. I was on the stairs while my friend was near the broken down bus. I reloaded my rifle when suddenly Mr. Chainsaw decided to change plans. And I was killed and I tought the MAJINIS gaved you time to dodge their attacks.

    4 more days until RE5 comes out! The collector’s edition is awesome!

  79. Up until recently, I was a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I lived about a twenty minute drive from Monroveille Mall- the filming location of George A. Romero’s original “Dawn of the Dead”- which is otherwise a quiet pseudo-suburban shopping center. Despite it’s fame as the survivor refugee fortress in the cult classic, it’s a fairly average, a small collection of popular clothing stores, hobby shops, and restaurants. There are only a few news clippings framed along hidden hallways and walls throughout the mall- many locals aren’t even aware of it’s history.

    It’s generally a quiet little mall, where apathetic teenagers and mothers with screaming children drag their feet wearily from store to store, in hopes of squelching their insatiable hunger for trendy clothing and popular video games. However, once a year, a different kind of creature walks the premise- Monroeville Mall’s Zombie Fest is quite possibly one of the greatest gatherings of people. People of all ages, genders and personalities come together with carefully crafted and quickly put together costumes, face paint, and their best zombie shuffle to participate in this amazing spectacle. Moaning, groaning, and hobbling hordes of vivid personalities trudge from the mall to a selected location, where they fiend for a spot in the Guinness World Record. It’s a ghastly, and amazingly entertaining sight to behold.

  80. My favorite zombie experience was watching my brother play Resident Evil 2. I was an absolute coward at the time so I let my brother play all the hard and scary games. It was amazing! It scared the crap out of me yet I was compelled to watch more and more. My brother would play it over and over, and me, with a crappy ass memory, thought the scenarios were different through each game. Ada’s death, Birkin’s fights with you and the seemingly complex puzzles left quite an impression on me. I never really was interested in horror games yet there was something about that game…

    Of course, it later left me with nightmares of zombie attacks in real life and late night freakouts as I wondered if a shadow moving on my wall was a hunter.

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