In keeping with the theme of Black History Month, we here at Ideology of Madness are proud to dig into the long boxes and share the most interesting and notable black comic book characters.  There is a rich history to be explored here, to be honored.   We’ll be doing that right here through out the remainder of the month.  Since Aron is tackling African-American heroes, I thought I’d actually try to avoid overlap and write about some exceptional African-American writers and artists.

Kevin Grevioux is freakin’ awesome.

kevingreviouxI know what you’re thinking…wait, isn’t that the dude from Underworld?

Yes, yes he is!  He’s also much more than that!

Grevioux is a former microbiologist with a background in genetic engineering, so it’s probably no surprise to hear that, in addition to playing the character of Raze in the Underworld series, is also co-creator of the storyline.  Now the whole scientfic aspects of the screenplay make sense, don’t they?

Concurrently with the release of the movies, Grevious also helped establish Underworld as a comic property with IDW Entertainment.  Yes fans, he’s a werewolf and a comic writer.  Since then, he’s also been involved with Marvel Comics, taking over on their post-Civil War reboot of New Warriors.  Apparently, he’s also writing a story featuring Lee Falk’s characters The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician with Mike Bullock, a friend of IoM!

You know, as much as I love the Marvel stuff Grevioux has done, my favorite work of his are the lines he created with Alias Enterprises, Darkstorm Studios and Astounding Studios.  Through them, he’s published some truly original, fun work, including Alivs Rex, Valkyries, Guardian Heroes, and The Hammer Kid.

It’s been a while since any new works have come from either studio, but the websites are still up and running here and here.  Grevioux professed his love of our beloved genre before it was the “in” thing to do.  Here’s hoping we get to see more work from him in the future!

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