In keeping with the theme of Black History Month, we here at Ideology of Madness are proud to dig into the long boxes and share the most interesting and notable black comic book characters.  There is a rich history to be explored here, to be honored.   We’ll be doing that right here through out the remainder of the month.

A whole 'nother bionic woman!You know she’s cool.

I first made Misty Knight’s aquaintance back in 1977’s Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man comics, which I maintain were the best Spider-Man books outside of Amazing.  The book I read, MTU #64, was by Claremont and Byrne just prior to their huge success in Uncanny X-Men.  The book is excellent.

Misty Knight is former officer in the NYPD, a private detective, a skilled martial artist, and – oh yes – has a bionic arm.  Lindsay Wagner wishes she was as awesome as Misty Knight.

She runs with the likes of Iron Fist (her on again, of again boy friend), Luke Cage, and business partner Colleen Wing.

The thing I always liked about Misty was that she had no superhero code name, nor did she have a costume.  There were no secrets about who she was, no mystery about whose ass was going to be kicked (HINT: The bad guy’s).  She was up front and in your face.  It’s not such a big deal today, but she was doing it long before it was cool.

Misty Knight, you are awesome!