Trying to figure out how to spend your hard-earned cash this week?  You know you wait with baited breath for your Tuesday Best Buy visit and your Wednesday comic shop visit!  Well, here’s a list of the good stuff coming out this week – don’t waste your money on anything else!

Heroes Aren't Hard To Find in Charlotte, NC

Oh, and a quick apology for last week – I told you to buy Astonishing Tales #1 from Marvel and, well, it was pretty friggin’ awful.  Sorry about that.

First and foremost, a movie ticket to see Friday the 13th!  Why?  Because Jared Padalecki says so!

Jared Padalecki

Video Games

F.E.A.R. 2

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (PC/PS3/XBox 360) — February 10 (Website)
You know, I had no intentions of buying this game, originally.  I liked the first one, but not that much.  Then, I played the demo released on Xbox Live and Playstation Network and I’m convinced!  The demo was scary as hell, bloody, and a lot of fun!  F.E.A.R., for those not in the know, mixes a sci-fi action flick with the scares of an Asian horror movie.  This sequel picks up where the last one ended, after a huge explosion, caused by a psychic girl named Alma, has pretty much destroyed an entire city.  You and your team venture into the destruction to find out what’s happened.  Creepy girls with long dark hair and giant robots in the same video game?  Count me in!

House of the Dead: OverKill

House of the Dead Overkill (Wii)–February 10 (Website)
If you’ve never played a House of the Dead game, you’re missing out.  Sure, the movie stunk like a fat kid after gym class, but the games have been a heckuva lot of fun.  HOTD, as us geeks like to call it, is a light gun shooter where, essentially, you just point your gun at zombies and blow them to bits.  Overkill, the newest entry in the franchise, is the first game in the series specifically made for home consoles (all the others were in the arcade first.  It’s a prequel to the games and takes the series to exciting new places, ripping on the “Grindhouse” style from the Tarantino/Rodriguez movie, with the scratches and jump cuts and the profanity.  It looks like a lot of fun!  Buy it so that we can FINALLY get House of the Dead 4 to come out on Wii too!


Death Note IIDeath Note II: The Last Name (February 10)
If you’ve seen the original Death Note, more than likely I don’t need to tell you why you need to buy this.  Like an asian supernatural version of The DepartedDeath Note tells the story of a cop’s son, Light Yagumi, who gains the power to kill anybody just by writing their name in a journal.  The police bring in a sweets-addicted specialist named “L” to take down the mysterious “Kira.”  Problem is, at the end of part I (SPOILER) Light is assigned to the same task force, so he’s using all his power to lead “L” away from him.  Mix a crime drama with an interesting supernatural element, and you have the essence of what Death Note is all about.  An excellent film all around-highly recommended, but buy part 1 first.


Red: Innocence and InstinctRed: Innocence and Instinct – February 10

It’s rare that you’ll see me talking about “God Rock” here on IoM (read: Christian Music), but I can’t pass up the opportunity to tell you about the new CD from the band Red.  Lyrics that can be interpreted multiple different ways (whether you’re looking for a Christian meaning or not) have always allowed the band to be a hit on both Christian radio and radio for us heathens.  Having heard a preview of this album, if you’re into hard rock, I can definitely say this is a must have.  Heavy guitar and drums, excellent singing – this is an album you shouldn’t miss.  Plus, the band remakes Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World.”  Worth the price of admission alone!  Oh, and buy the Deluxe Edition – it’s got FIVE bonus tracks and a DVD!


Good week in the world of funnybooks.

Batman #686BATMAN #686

I know everyone is super hyped about Neil Gaiman’s foray into the Dark Knight’s world this week with “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader,” but did anyone actually read 1610 and The Eternals from Marvel?  Man, those were bad.  Still, I’ve heard good things about these books, and with Andy Kubert on the art, there’s a good chance that this book will definitely be one to pick up.

Nightwing #153 Green Lantern Corps #33

Pete Tomasi Double Feature:

If you’ve read my Dan Didio post, you know I love Green Lantern Corps and Nightwing, both written by Pete Tomasi.  Nightwing is the last ish of the series before Dick Grayson jumps into the Battle for the Cowl next month so, while probably mostly a filler issue, I’m sure it’s worth a pick up.  Green Lantern Corps…if you’re not reading it by now…for shame!

Darkness #75DARKNESS #75

If you live anywhere near these comic shops, you have no excuse to miss out on this issue of The Darkness.  Ever since Phil Hester took over the title, it’s been an excellent super hero book for adults.  For everyone who said Punisher Max was great because it allowed the darkness and adult story telling a character like the Punisher needs, pick this book up.  Plus, support Top Cow.  They’re just awesome.

Berserker #0

Besides me (of course), who else thought that Milo Ventimiglia was actually cool?  I mean, the guy started that really good Rest comic over at Devil’s Due and now has a pretty cool sounding comic called Berserker coming from…you guessed it…TOP COW!  According to the initial press release, “Berserker is about people discovering they have superhuman ancient Norse powers as they’re pulled into an underground war that’s been raging for a thousand years.”  Could be cool, could suck.  But Milo Ventimiglia played the son of Rocky Balboa, so buy it or he’ll kick your @$$.  Just sayin’.


INCOGNITO #1 2nd Printing

For all of those who missed it the first time around, Ed Brubaker’s acclaimed series Incognito is getting a reprinting of the first issue coming out the same day as the second ish.  Supposedly really good stuff from the teach who brought you Criminal (great stuff!).

Beyond Wonderland #5 Grimm Fairy Tales #35

Zenescope Double Feature:

Because I love Zenescope comics and you should too.  Still, if that’s not good enough reason, Beyond Wonderland tells the tale of Callie, the daughter of Alice in Wonderland.  Well, Alice grew up, married a man who cheated on her, gave birth to a goth girl and a serial killer son, then hung herself. Callie, pregnant and hiding out in New York City after sacrificing her brother to Wonderland, is being hunted by the new Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat (who likes to eat people).  Great, dark stuff.  If you like your fairy tales dark like I do, worth picking up!  Check out the Zenescope website for the first volume, Return to Wonderland.

The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks #0 CoverPHANTOM GHOST WHO WALKS #0

Because, best I can tell, it didn’t come out last week.  Check my interview with writer Mike Bullock for more info!