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Dan Didio!I just watched the last part of Newsarama’s 20 Questions with Dan Didio video series, and read the questions asked of him at NYCC, and I have to say…wow. Some of those questions I felt were really kind of disrespectful!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m with Aron. I hated Final Crisis (loved pretty much every tie-in though), didn’t dig Batman RIP or Countdown, and absolutely despised the Titans books after Geoff Johns left them.

Still, for every one of those, there’s been something absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. Geoff Johns’ run on Action Comics (especially once Gary Frank joined), Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps (the Sinestro Corps War especially), Peter Tomasi taking over on Nightwing and Green Lantern Corps, 52, Infinite Crisis, All-Star Superman, Neil Gaiman writing Batman, Shane Davis, the return of Adam Strange and Captain Comet, Jim Starlin writing AND drawing DCU…and, my absolute favorite, Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen’s run on Detective Comics. Never, in my 25 years of comic collecting, have I enjoyed Detective Comics as much as I am now, and I’m including in that the runs featuring Norm Breyfogle, Jim Aparo, Alan Grant, Knightfall, Kelley Jones…I mean, the list goes on an on.

Now I know that Didio can’t be given credit for all the good DC does, but he certainly shouldn’t be given all the blame for the bad. I mean, Marvel sucks it up just as much at times. Just as with DC, it’s often the case that the smaller crossovers (coughAnnihiliationcough) get overshadowed by overhyped, oversold crossovers (coughCivilWarcough) that, sure they change things for a while, but has anything really changed for the better?

Sure, we’ve disagreed with Didio’s decisions (or what we think are his decisions) about the direction of the DCU characters.  But you know…at least Superman didn’t make a deal with the devil in Final Crisis when Lois was in the hospital.  Just sayin’.

As the hype builds for The Blackest Night this year, and with the Crises over for now, I hope we’ll see a little bit more respect for probably one of the biggiest names in comic books right now.  I mean, the guy takes time EVERY week to answer fan questions.  If I ever had a chance to speak to Didio directly, I’d probably get stage fright.  I mean, comic guys to me are like meeting Brad Pitt to everyone else.  They’re the superstars in Paul World, and just like I’d treat anyone who’s job it is to entertain millions, I certainly wouldn’t disrespect them like I’ve seen on the Newsarama message boards.

Batman: Private Casebook

So…if you’re tired of the hate…bring the love for your favorite DC comic book in the last couple of years on the message boards below! One lucky poster will win a Hardcover edition of Batman: The Private Casebook graphic novel, containing the first issues teaming Dini and Nguyen (you know, the team I was gushing about above?)!  How friggin’ cool is that? (PS…Aron, you can’t play.)

Contest ends Feb 13th at noon EST!

9 thoughts on “Contest: Why the disrespect for Didio?

  1. I’m not really a fan of the DC universe on the whole, no hate, I just didn’t grow up with it like I did marvel.

    I will give some DC love and say that I deeply appreciate the development and cohesion that their large crossover arcs have and that when they prepare to do something big they lay serious groundwork well before hand (countdown to final crisis, then when the story kicks off they give it the time needed to tell a full, well developed tale.

    Marvel did none of those things when executing Civil War and the universe was much worse for it.

    I would like to enter because I am a fan of Batman and anything with the names Bruce Timm, Paul Dini or Boyd Kirkland, I gotta get a piece of that action.

  2. I’m with Noble Bear. I grew up with Marvel as well. I never got into Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Justice League or any of the others. Superman is my least favorite comic book character in mainstream comics. DC did get me with Batman, though, he ties for my favorite comic book character in mainstream and independent comics. I used to collect every bat book there was, from Detective to Catwoman. And while I stopped reading during a lame storyline (Cataclysm) the overall quality of the book hadn’t diminished. It was simply the business of comics that was wearing me down. The need for crossovers. The need for something more amazing and more dramatic than the big thing the year before. The need to captivate and draw in listeners that leads to an action arms race similar to the power increase in role playing games as more and more rules supplements are released.

    I’ve tried to get back into comics every so often, Ultimates, Buffy, etc. There just hasn’t been a book that could maintain its quality over an extended run to convince me to make the investment. There was a run of Firefly comics that I heard was absolutely amazing, but I have not found them or seen a trade.

  3. I gotta say, the mere fact that DC has Bats on its roster is enough for me to like ’em.

    I haven’t really bought and read comics in a long time, save the occasional trade (which is almost without fail a collection of Batman stuff, heh) and Marvel always had a lot of my faveorite titles and characters, but I’ve never really been one to choose either over the other in some sort of false dichotomy. Give me Spidey on the Marvel side and Bats on the DC side and we all win.

    In the sunset of my comic-following days, I had actually started picking up a lot of stuff from Image. The Maxx comes to mind, especially.

    And a hardcover of the man that is batty? YUS PLZ!

  4. I’ve just recently gotten into Green Lantern and it’s freakin AWESOME!!! I’ve been tracking down and reading all the GL and GL Corps trades through my local library, which is really great about getting the just released trades. Cannot wait for Blackest Night

  5. I’ve always enjoyed Batman. And not only him, but the villains, too. Everyone could be one little nudge from being a hero or a villain.

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