Finished set up for the next game, which is an Out Of Print number called Succession Wars. It was published by FASA back in the eighties. Chris Hussey is reffing.

I have a very sketchy understanding of the rules. And I have drawn the most challenging territory to play. About to have my ass handed to me.

4 thoughts on “Fear the Con 2: Succession Wars

  1. I loved playing Liao. It’s much like playing the Soviets in Axis and Allies. Build a lot of troops and try to survive the initial storm. Good Luck!

  2. It’s looking really bad. I’ve lost a great deal of territory. And have had to make deals with shady individuals who do not have my best interests at heart. Worse, my death commandos have proven to be of little value.

  3. Brutal! I hope your next slot goes better. Although, as I recall, you’ll be seeing Watchmen tonight. That’s a win right there.

    Listening to you talk about SW makes me wan to go pull my copy out of the closet and try to dig up 4 other guys to play him.

  4. Jim:

    Let’s do it. Let’s figure out a way to play by email and get a game going. Watching these guys play was a BLAST, and made me realize how much I truly miss that game.


    As to Aron’s status of the game. While he did have a challenging side to play, he made a decent accounting of himself considering the circumstances. It was an honor to have him at the table.

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