Fear The Con 2

Fear The Con 2I will be attending Fear the Boot’s Fear The Con 2 in beautiful, scenic St. Charles, Missouri later this week.  The first FtC was an epic amount of fun.  I’ve been looking forward to FtC2 since the con wrapped up last year.

Fear the Con was the best gaming con I have ever been to.  I’ve never before experienced an event in which EVERYONE I met was gracious, fun, and committed to playing great games.

I’m all revved up to run the sequel to last year’s game, And a Little Child Shall Eat Them.  It’s one year after the world ended in the bone gnawing zombie apocalypse.  These are dark days.  The world’s children have become fierce predators, freakishly strong and preternaturally fast.  Government has long since collapsed.  Strangely, though… hope kindles anew in a sleepy Texas town called Calhoun.

I had planned on running my This Empire Earth homebrew Sci-Fi game as well, but developments outside my control have cut into my scheduled prep time for the week.  I feel like a douche, but it couldn’t be helped.  The cigar-chewing-trash-talking monkeys and brain-eating-bugs will be scheduled for another day.

I will be live-blogging all through Fear the Con and its related festivities so keep it tuned to IoM for all your FtC updates.