Resident Evil 5Hey everybody!

Thanks for playing our Resident Evil 5 giveaway!  I wanted to give away more than one copy, but, well…damn, you know.  Broke.

Still, giving away only one prize is for the birds, so we throw in 2nd and 3rd place prizes, also selected at random!  For 2nd and 3rd place, you won’t be getting the game, but you will be getting a copy of Resident Evil #1 from DC/Wildstorm Comics!

Our 2nd and 3rd place winners are….Chad and Carlos Garcia!

Resident Evil #1 from DC ComicsChad told IoM that his favorite zombie experience is “The Walking Dead. Best zombie comic ever. Kirkman is a great writer and he does in there what all zombie stories should do. Make the humans be the real danger. zombies can be dealt with but laziness, greed, fear, envy jealously will always make any zombie group fall apart and die.

The best zombie bit in there is whenever the survivors go somewhere the zombies always follow. They never get tired or get distracted. They always come and when the living reach their destination they have to hole up somewhere and figure out a way to deal with the slow horde that always shows up.”

Carlos Garcia told IoM that his favorite zombie experience is “In video games I would definitely have to say my most memorable experience was with Resident Evil 1. The part when the dogs first jump out of the window scared the hell out of me. In literature I would say Max Brooks’ novel “World War Z.” That book had awesome stories about people’s encounters with the undead.

Alas, as we all know, there can be only one grand prize winner…and the (randomly selected) one is….

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Casselman told us his favorite zombie experience is:

My fondness of zombies is deep and extensive being a follower of every experience I can remember.being 19 now I was about 7 when I was introduced to the Resident Evil series and its been a lifestyle for me ever since.

Playing many other games I cannot help but come back to Resident Evil. The amazing and unique character of the games is enough to keep me playing them all over and over to this day with an umbrella corp. Tattoo.

Among the many “OMFG!!” moments in the series including William Birkin’s Pop-in’s and Mr.X in RE2. The raining champ of scaring my pants off when I was younger was Nemesis From RE3.

Nemesis was the bringer of wet pants back on his debut in RE3. No one moment tops the other as time after time JUST as you think you are safe he leeps through the window with a R.Launcher or sprints out of the fire at the speed of sound it would seem having the player jump off of his couch while running to the nearest door.

Taking down Stars members in his path like they were kittens (R.I.P. Brad Vickers :P) and even ruining zombies chances with a quick punch sure to kill, Nemesis was truly fear with legs. I will never forget (scary voice)”STARS” and that music accompanied by his presence.

I will never forget screaming “Oh My God!” and jumping trying to reach the next door as he barrels through the police station right behind me. I could feel my heart jumping out of my chest.

RE5 marks the release of more jumping moments and frantic battles. Even with no Nemesis, I know capcom has something just as worthy in store for us and I can’t wait to jump and freak out once more.

Fear We Won’t Forget.. Kijuju.

Special props to BloodCider, who linked to us on his website – sorry dude, I wish I could have given away two copies!  As thanks for spreading the word of IoM, I’ll send ya a free copy of Resident Evil #1 from DC/Wildstorm also!

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If you didn’t win this time, don’t get discouraged!  There are definitely more prizes coming from us here at IoM – video games, movies, and comic books!  Keep checking back with us!