Free Comic Book this Saturday!Every year, on the first Saturday in May for the last couple of years, comic stores all around the country participate in Free Comic Book Day, where customers can walk into the shop and choose one of many FREE comic books published especially by different comic companies for that day.  Not only is this an attempt to reward existing comic collectors and readers, but it’s also intended to bring many new readers into the fold.  Many of the comics that are released are all ages-friendly (this year we’ve got Disney’s Cars, Simpsons, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and many others), and there’s no better opportunity to support literacy in children, or just to get your kids into a healthy hobby, than FCBD.  All you have to do is find a local comic shop, walk in, let them choose a comic, and then watch their collections grow!

This week on IoM, we’ll be running all sorts of Free Comic Book Day stories and contests, including our “100 Free Comics That Don’t Suck” contest, which is pretty cool.  You’ll be able to read some interesting bits about the best FCBD books and what you should seek out when you hit your comic shop Saturday morning.  Remember, X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes out this Friday, so there’s no better time than to get interested in comics than now!  Ask Hugh Jackman!

Find out more about what comics are offered this Saturday, as well as what comic shops near you might be participating at!  And check back here for all sorts of good stuff as the week goes on!