If the honeymoon wasn’t over when Ollie (aka Green Arrow) was abducted by the Amazons and Dinah (aka Black Canary) killed the Ollie-look-a-like, then issue #31 of Justice League of America certainly documents the beginning of what can only be some real problems for the couple.  In the aftermath of the craptacular Final Crisis, the DC Universe believes Batman to be dead, Superman is headed off-planet to chill-ax with his new Kryptonian chums, and Wonder Woman?  I’m not really clear what her deal is, but she won’t be around for the Justice League either.  Regardless, the big three are no longer in the clubhouse.

And now with the roster a bit shakey, JLA chairperson Black Canary learns that her husband is headed off to go join a splinter team.

Ollie, dude.

As a 15 year veteran of the marital continuum, this is the idiot move.

Don’t ever, ever work against The WifeEver.

You thought Count Vertigo was a pain in the ass, Oliver?  You ain’t seen nothing yet!  Your rogue’s gallery has always been a little light, but you add Angry Wife to the roster.  Dude, there’s not enough power in Hal’s ring to save your ass from that particular hell.

It’s bad enough for us regular guys, but your wife?  She’s got those crazy martial arts skills.  She’s already killed somebody who looks a lot like you.  Is this really the path you want to walk?

Apologize now.  Right now.   Your life depends on it.