The Incredible HULC
The Incredible HULC

So, according to The Discovery Channel, the robotic suits from the G.I. Joe movie may not be as farfetched as we believed them to be?

Stronger, faster and harder is the promise of a new exoskeleton developed by Lockheed Martin for U.S. soldiers. Dubbed the Human Universal Load Carrier, or HULC, the device helps a soldier carry up to 200 pounds at a top speed of 10 mph.

“The soldier has the feeling of maybe an extra five to 10 pounds,” said Doug Medcalf, Business Development Manager at Lockheed Martin. Today some soldiers are carrying loads of up to 130 pounds into combat. Unlike most exoskeletons built to boost human ability, the HULC, which Medcalf says does not owe its name to the popular green comic book character, isn’t limited to the length of its power cable.

The titanium HULC instead runs on a four lithium ion batteries nestled into the small of a soldier’s back. Eight batteries can power the HULC on missions up to 96 hours.

Check out more at Discovery Channel’s website.

Now you know…and knowing is half the battle!