Detective Comics #854

It’s been awhile since I’ve been excited about something happening in the Bat-books.  Right now?  I’m all giddy.

In June, DC Comics and Greg Rucka bring the world Batwoman.  Originally introduced way back in the pages of DC’s weekly, 52 (y’know, DC’s good weekly?), we haven’t seen a whole lot of her since.  Now she’ll have her own title.  I for one wonder what took so long?

Of course, I’m sure you’ve heard the controversy about Batwoman.  It was in all the news back in 2006 when she was reintroduced.

She’s Jewish.

She’ll be able to join Colossal Boy and Atom-Smasher at temple services. Maybe one of those boys will ask her out?  Perhaps a wedding is in the future?  It’s a mitzvah!

Batwoman is also a lesbian.

Rumors that her costume will be redesigned to feature a flanel cape and that she’ll drive a suped up Bat-Truck appear to be false.

Greg Rucka is a prolific author, writing both comics and novels.  He collaborated on 52 and has a lot of experience playing in the Batcave penning many books in the Batline.  I’ve always enjoyed Rucka’s work (even his Final Crisis books).  I can’t wait to see what he does with Batwoman in the pages of Detective Comics.

Greg Rucka will be at Zeus Comics on June 27th to promote and sign Detective Comics #854.