Die Hard: Year OneWeird.

Die Hard: Year One will be coming out this August from BOOM! Studios!  BOOM! has had some pretty cool licensed properties lately, like The Muppet Show and The Incredibles, so this has the potential to be something pretty cool.  According to the post on Blog@Newsarama, the series “will go back in time to 1976 to explore John’s first year in the police force, a la Batman Begins or Casino Royale.”  Howard Chaykin will be writing, with Steven Thompson doing the art.

A Casino Royale-style reboot of the Die Hard franchise?  Kind of interesting that, as a comic book, this is a pretty exciting prospect (that will, unfortunately, not be read by 90% of people who love the Die Hard movies), but if it were a movie reboot of the franchise, it would not be welcome.  I mean, how do you replace The Bruce?

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