The Indy 500 as experienced via the Atari 2600

Zack over at RPG Blog II wrote recently of the passion he and his father share for the Indianapolis 500.  For various reason, his father has been unable to attend the event for more than 15 years.  This year, Zack planned to take his old man to the track.

Sadly, Zack has suffered a financial set-back and can’t swing it.  But as any good Game Master would, he rolled with this development and came up with plan-B!

Here’s what I (and you) can do: if you donate to help out, regardless of the amount, I will send you a pdf copy of my Irrin Campaign setting. I wish I could give more, but it’s yours–just make sure to note on the donation where I should email the files. If you’ve ever taken anything of use or utility or entertainment value from this site, this is how you can say thank you–by letting me say thank you to the man I respect and love the most in this world. If you want to spread the word, that would be tremendously helpful as well. I’m asking for help–and if we can pull this off, I promise you plenty of great pics from a day at the track. And I will be eternally grateful to you for helping me make this happen for my dad.

Click on over to Zack’s page and help a brutha do a nice thing for his Pops.  Otherwise, he might just have to dust off the old Atari 2600.