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Your basic 24 comics that don't suck.

Over the weekend, Paul announced the winner of the 100 Free Comics That Don’t Suck Give-A-Way. It was Bear Swarm’s Rob that won the day.   He gave a nice shout out to IoM over on his podcast while at the same time speaking rather harshly of me.  I suggested to Paul that perhaps, just perhaps, such behavior should serve as a disqualifying action.

Paul then played for me his new ringtone (nsfw).

Mother.  Pus.  Bucket.

Words hurt, Rob.  Words hurt.

Getting no respect from Brother Paul (or professional courtesy for that matter), I asked him to pull another name from the list.  Possibly someone who’s not quite so mean?

Paulie produced the name… Ryan (or as we know him, Bloodcider) did a lot to get the IoM name out there:

He got the word out on his blog, on The Diary Forum, Notebook in Hand, and MySpace and FaceBook as well.

Because he’s such a good guy and friend of the blog and because he doesn’t say mean and nasty things about me and we like to reward good behavior and – hell – we just like winners, I am awarding Bloodcider 24 Comics That Don’t Suck as his runner-up prize.

He gets:

  • Atomic Robo (2008 FCBD issue)
  • Bad Dog #1-2
  • BtVS: The Long Way Home, part 1
  • Dead Irons #1
  • The Flash: Rebirth #1
  • Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns
  • Hulk: Raging Thunder #1
  • Ministry of Space #1-3 (A Warren Ellis mini-series that I love)
  • Northlanders: Sven The Returned #1-4
  • Superman: New Krypton Special
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #40-46
  • Wolverine Saga

Congratulations, Ryan. Thanks for all the kind words.  I hope you enjoy the books!

And by the way, don’t forget to enter for your chance to win two zombie books by the awesome Kim Paffenroth.  Contest ends today!

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