Fairy Quest
Fairy Quest

Straight from the man himself, Humberto Ramos (current artist on Marvel’s Avengers: The Initiative), we have an update on that awesome project I told you about (here and here), Fairy Quest!

sorry for taking soooo long to answer this, so Ok here it goes.
Fairyquest is happening and you guy can be able to see it publish both in the US (marvel) and Europe (soleil).
The reason why i took so long to finally put our hands in the works is pretty much ;lack of time, tight schedules, and working compromises.
That’s why I put out the Narrator’s book last summer in the SDCC, to force me to create a real schedule, in which I can start thinking for real about the book, as I’m writing this lines I’m finish my run in the ATI book, so from next week to the end of the year I will work in nothing else but FQ.
FCS, is a different project, and that as well will come to life eventually, unfortunately I only work one book at a time.
Thanks for keeping track of my work, and wait for FQ, i promise it won’t let you down, Paul and I have work really hard on this one.
Keep it tune OK?

greetings earthlings.

Humberto Ramos.

More art from Fairy Quest
More art from Fairy Quest

While I’m bummed we won’t be seeing the book before the end of the year sounds like, I am excited that Ramos is taking the time to get the book done!  Still, according to Variety, he has been busy!

Warner Bros. France has nabbed French distribution rights to “Prodigies,” a Gallic motion-capture pic directed by Antoine Charreyron.

Based on Bernard Lenteric‘s bestselling French novel, “La nuit des Enfants Rois,” “Prodigies” is produced by Aton Soumache‘s Gallic prod shingle, Onyx Films, French company Fidelite Films and Studio 37.

“Prodigies” is an English-language thriller set in New York about seven geniuses who grow up to become serial killers after being assaulted in Central Park.

Based in France, animation house Attitude Studios will do the motion-capture work on the film; it’s one of the rare animation shingles in the world that does motion capture.

With a budget estimated at E40 million ($54 million), pic is skedded for a 2010 theatrical release in France.

Penned by Mathieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patelliere (“Rennaissance”), the pic features graphic design by Humberto Ramos and Francisco Herrera, both alumni of DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Paris-based Kinology is handling international sales.

More Ramos is never a bad thing!