Halloween Horror Nights 16
Halloween Horror Nights 16

Some awesome news today, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting!

For Orlando, which is the event I’m going to, the only big news is that tickets are now on sale for the event.  Still no news on who this year’s “host” will be, though.  Hopefully this year’s will be as cool as last year’s Bloody Mary/Dark Fairy Tale theme.  You can read my three part trip review here, here, and here.

Well, my earlier reported news about a Saw theme appears to have some credence, but it appears it applies to Universal Studios Hollywood and won’t be the theme of the event, but rather one of the houses.  In addition, it looks like there will be a Michael Myers house (primarily based on Rob Zombie’s Halloween and upcoming H2)!  Hell to the yes!

The bad news is that Uni didn’t renew their New Line license, therefore you won’t be seeing any Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th mazes this year (bummer), but the good news is that some new icons will be taking residence come fall. We learned exclusively that Horror Nights will be welcoming Jigsaw and Michael Myers to the annual event as they’ve signed licensing agreements for Saw and Halloween mazes! Even better is that there’s a top secret third maze to be announced soon! Watch this spot for details as soon as it breaks.

I wonder if maybe they’re going for a new “holy trinity of horror,” to replace the old icons?  While I don’t think Jigsaw necessarily fits the bill, I wonder who the third could be?  Hellraiser‘s Pinhead has gone the way of the dodo until the remake…what slashers would you guys consider to be valid replacements for the classics?