Unbeatable, by Matthias WolfI wasn’t sure what to make of Unbeatable by looking at the cover.  We see lead character Heimen Dale, shirtless and in a pair of jeans, looking at a plethora of history’s greatest fighters, set to d battle with him.  Okay, so we’re set for a rollicking time travel adventure?  Some type of virtual reality thing maybe?  The description led to even more questions:

A young man awakes in an asylum with no memory of how he arrived.  His only escape from the padded walls are his nightmares, where he dreams of fighting the greatest warriors in history.  He suffers constant beatings and thousands of deaths.  Is he going insane?  Or is it something else?

So when my review copy of Unbeatable came in the mail, excited about the interesting premise and the art that seemed to be directly up my alley, I pretty much sat down to read it instantly.

What did I think of it?

Find out after the jump!

Art from Unbeatable
Art from Unbeatable

I’ve never heard of Matthias Wolf or Carlos Gomez before, but I think once word gets out more about Unbeatable, these guys are destined for great things.  It’s rare that something so unique from a first timer works THIS well.  Unbeatable is a fantastic first effort from Razor Wolf Entertainment and, even though the things are clearly there, there’s a pretty good chance you’re not going to guess the answer behind the mystery central to the book.

We meet Heimen Dale while he’s in an asylum, but he has no memory of how he got there.  He starts to remember the circumstances that got him there – a shy high school kid, he ends up dating and falling in love with a beautiful cheerleader.  Despite his nonconfrontational nature, which he got from his father, he joins the football team, and it’s his ability to not give up, and the support of his father, that get his through.  One night, something is revealed about his father’s past that turns his entire world on its head – now missing, he tries to seek out his dad to find out what happened to him.  But there are people who don’t want him found, and are willing to do just about anything to prevent the truth from coming out …

Art from Unbeatable

Skip ahead (to avoid spoilers) and Heimen is in an asylum, where every night he dies a hundred deaths – Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Achilles … all of history’s greatest fighters murder him thousands and thousands of times until he loses count.  Why is this happening to him?  Well, that’s where it all ties up in a way that is going to divide readers, but this reader found exremely intriguing and satisfying, especially if you’ve followed the clues.

The writing is fantastic, and the art by Carlos Gomez?  It seems that he might have gone to a similar school of art thinking that Humberto Ramos did, and I think there’s no greater compliment, since Ramos is one of my favorite artists.  Emotional and exaggerated, the art has a manhwa flair to it that lends itself perfect to both the quiet scenes and the intense battle scenes.

Unbeatable is HIGHLY recommended for those looking for something different from the norm.

To read more about Unbreakable, check out the official site!  Or just trust me and purchase it using the link below!