Art from Kogoshii
Art from Kogoshii

In honor of PIMP WEEK here at IoM, we thought we’d allow some creators to “pimp” some of their projects and help get the word out.  A perfect example of some great stuff you might be missing out on?  Kogoshii, from Hampton Roads, VA resident Danny Donovan!  Here’s what he had to say about the project:

The high concept is a romeo and juliet style story with a twist. It takes place in sort of an alternate world/timeline where Japan has become sort of the center of everything, but like with most countries it comes with its own dark past. There are these two groups, the Kaitou which are basically “ninja robin hoods” they’re trained in the arts of stealth and speed and taught that it’s dangerous for the few to control great masses of wealth, that while what they do might be illegal but it’s in the service of a higher honor because they are spreading the wealth around. Of course over the generations some have just enjoyed the thrill of the action more than the actual credo of the Kaitou but it is instilled in all who are chosen to live among them in their gypsie style camps.

Then on the otherhand you have the Hitokiri who are deathdealers. Assasins who trade human life to the highest bidder. They don’t really care much for honor or credos, they basically do what they are good at, and revel in their status and power. The two clans have been at war for as long as they’ve existed. Even if like in most cases of blood feuds by this point a great majority of them most likely don’t know what originally came between them.  Along comes two kids who don’t really care about past grievences, or power struggles. Shinji a Kaitou boy had been in love with Satori, a Hitokiri girl since the first moment he laid eyes on her.

They had a secret romance for sometime, until finally they were discovered and the two groups thought their union might be a way to bring about peace between the two groups. But that is a lot to put on the shoulders of two children. And they knew the punishment should their love not be enough to keep these age old enemies at bay. Shinji made a choice he thought was right, but he’s just caused more trouble than he can ever know.

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Art from Kogoshii

Kogoshii is currently #4 in the rank at Zuda Comics!  What can you do to help it get to #1?  Well, check out the Zuda Comics website and read the 8 pages currently available!  If you like what you’ve read (and why wouldn’t you?  It’s great stuff!), make sure to vote and let’s get it up to #1 where it can join the ranks of other excellent titles like Bayou and Lily of the Valley!

And what’s coming up next in the story?

We are just getting into the thick of it. When we pick up there will be a huge change in moods. We will get to meet the other members of the clans, we will get to see more of the history of the two sides, where their ideologies separated, what caused the rift between them. And Shinji will have to face the wraith of Satori upon his return back home.

Gigi was very sad that we could only send 8 pages. Because there is something on page 11 that she was just dying to draw and share… We will only get to see that if YOU guys help us. We greatfully appreciate your votes! We are only a handful away from that top spot! YOU can make a difference.

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