When you fear nothing....UNBEATABLE Trailer!

As a preview of our upcoming review of Matthias Wolf’s graphic novel Unbeatable (here’s a sneak: it’s damn fantastic), courtesy of CBR, we have a look at the trailer for the book, which is pretty sweet.  Have I told you before how much I love trailers for comics?  Especially when they’re as well done as this one.

In Unbreakable, a young man awakens in an asylum with no idea of how he arrived.  His only escape from the padded walls are his nightmares, where he dreams of fighting the greatest warriors in history.  He suffers constant beatings and thousands of deaths.  Is he going insane?  Or is it something else?  Take a look, and check back next week for our full review of the book!

Read more about Matthias Wolf’s Unbeatable at the official site!