Promotional art for Halloween Horror Nights

I knew there was something more to this Ripped from the Silver Screen theme that Universal Studios Orlando was planning for this year’s big Halloween Horror Nights event.  From what I can tell, it appears to be centered around the story of the Universal Palace Theater, an old timey movie theater from the 1920’s where some tragedy occurred.  What happened exactly?  Hard to tell – a brief radio segment discusses the history of the theater, but it’s far too distorted right now to tell what the full story is.  Does it involve the rumored “Usher” character who murders and mutilates moviegoers?  One thing’s for sure … the storyline has just begun, building to a full reveal within the next couple of month’s of the full theme of the event.

Now I’m hooked!

Check out the beginnings of the tale of the Universal Palace Theater here, and be sure to book your trip to Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Orlando’s Islands of Adventure!  I will be there October 1st, maybe with an Ideology of Madness t-shirt, and maybe, if you spot me, you’ll get some free swag!