Inside the Caffeinated Comics Company

I just came across this site the other day and had to share because I thought it was too darn cool.  “San Francisco’s first green comic book store/cafe,” The Caffeinated Comics Company, located on Mission Street in San Francisco, California finally does what I wish more comic shops would do … they combine the fun of reading comics with the atmosphere of a comic shop.

While I don’t see a slew of tables in the pictures on the website (actually, I only see one), the store looks nonetheless impressive.  Regular readers of the site know I’m a stickler for cleanliness and organization, and CCC looks to deliver in spades, with a pleasant atmosphere that looks organized and customer-friendly.

On top of being cool looking, they are also striving to be a certified “green comic cafe,” using environment friendly materials pretty much throughout the store.  Check out more info on their efforts here.

They also do karaoke on Sundays!  Karaoke and comics!

Read all about The Caffeinated Comics Company at their official site and, if you live in San Francisco or plan on going their anytime soon, visit their shop and send us some pics!  Tell ’em IoM sent ya!

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