Batman Beyond and the Justice League of the future

Let’s hope this doesn’t go the way of DC’s Milestone characters who, as it’s revealed in this interview, are pretty f*ckin’ done with the DC Universe.  They walked in, kicked Superman’s @$$, killed a coupla Teen Titans, then said “screw you, I’m going home!” (editor’s note: none of that sh*t happened)

However, in the same interview, Dan Didio says something to make me happy.  It goes something like this:

you said Terry McGinnis will back in the DCU; will he have his own mini series?

DiDio: There will be a Terry McGinnis mini-series early next year. We’ve heard the fans, we’ve heard everyone’s interest. And right now we’re planning to put out a Batman Beyond mini-series in 2010.

Hell to the yes!  Don’t know who Terry McGinnis is?  He’s the goddamn Batman! Of the future, anyway.  See, long after Alfred has died and Tim Drake has gone crazy and become the Joker (after killing the original Joker), Terry McGinnis is given the mantle of the Bat by a very, very old Bruce Wayne.  Of course, Terry is actually the clone of Bruce Wayne, created by Amanda Waller of Project Cadmus.

Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about?  You need to watch Batman Beyond, the cartoon series that was a direct sequel to both the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited.

McGinnis appeared in the DCU during Countdown to Final Crisis (issue 21, to be precise) as an inhabitant of Earth-12.  There’s no saying whether Earth-12 is supposed to be the actual Batman Beyond universe we’re familiar with, or if this series even involves that Earth, or is just an out-of-continuity tale told in the animated style.

Either way, I’m excited.  I cussed a lot in this post.