xfactor46X-Factor #45-46

If you’re only reading one X-Title, this should NOT be it. This book is crap, man.  Seriously, it’s a bit steaming. The characters are a flat and uninteresting motley crew of F-list characters.  You stick Aron Head in this book with no powers, and it’s more interesting.  Luke Meyer would have too much notoriety for Peter David to use in this book.

In my Exiles review, I suggested putting Blink on this team. It would help. The only good character, Multiple-Man (better to be the best on the worst team than worst on the best team, I guess) is stuck in an alternate future nobody cares about! Say it ain’t so, Pete. Why should the only interesting point in this book be the rambling of an old, delusional Doctor Doom?

Overall: If your dream, your one desire, was to see Rictor make out with Shatterstar, while Strong Guy looks on longingly…welcome to heaven.

fantastic_four566Fantastic Four #566

When I find a crappy team like FF4 more interesting than an X-Book, something is wrong with the world (Peter David). This issue looks absolutely …um… fantastic after that last review.

This book introduces Doctor Doom’s Master. The Emperor to his Vader. It’s hard to say more without spoiling the book, so all I’ll say if that this book hooked me quick and the last 9 pages are worth more than the two issues of X-Factor I’ve read combined.

Overall: If, like me, you never understood the popularity of a group lead by a stretchy guy, pick this up and enjoy.

XMEN225X-Men Legacy #225

I guess this what Jim Lee’s X-Men became since last I read it. This was my kind of book, mostly because Mike Carey (writer) makes reference to people and events I’d read about in the pre-Grant Morrison days. It’s nice to know, not everything in X-Men history was lost to the introduction of Beak and Magneto turning to drugs. I’ll be picking more of this book up. Unfortunately, this book was not a new release when I bought it, so the cliff-hanger did nothing for me. I already knew, through other comics, what happened to Xavier from here.

Overall: If you want to see Professer X beat the Acolytes’ asses, this is for you. Old X-Men readers who’ve been out of the loop should pick this up, as well (I’m looking at you, Aron and Paul).