Well, I’ve worked my way through my introduction back into comics.

What’s next?

First of all, I want to get more in depth with my reviews. It’s safe to say you may see spoiler warnings from time to time. But, with that in mind, here’s a few different ideas I have:

  • Character Spotlight: I want to really delve into a character, past, present, and (speculative) future. I mentioned this in my review of Dark Wolverine, and I think Daken will be first on this list.
  • Crossover Review: In the articles I’ve written so far, I’ve touched on certain story arcs like Dark Reign and Utopia, but I haven’t given my thoughts on the over-arching plots themselves. I’d like to do these occasionally, without having to focus in individual books involved.
  • What if…: In this, I would take a character, team, or story and tear it apart to build it into a different concept. In many ways, this is similar to Funny Book’s “What if we were writing” segment, except with a broader range of possibilities. Also, these won’t always be improvements. Sometimes, an odd thought could lead me down a dark and disturbing path.
  • Comic Review: This is my standard article, much like you’ve read thus far, but as I said, more indepth, and perhaps spoiler filled. I found being vague really confined my ability to explain exactly what I loved or hated about a book.

So, I’d love some feedback from this. Any suggestions, comments, criticisms, or topics are welcome.