DevilsTrap_01_MEDI’ve been bachelor boy (newest member of the Legion of Super Heroes) with The Wife out-of-town, so I thought I’d share some of the links I’ve enjoyed this weekend (sorry, no pron).

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly plagued with unwelcome demons showing up at your front door.  I mean, WTF?!?  Can’t these sons-of-bitches call first?  And why do they always show up when Idol’s on? Thankfully, with one of these nifty Devils Trap Doormats inspired by Supernatural, you can restrain the rude visitors from hell and deal with them at your leisure.

One of our favorite writers, Greg Rucka, guests on the Comics Related podcast.  Cool stuff.  Rucka’s good peeps!

Just in case there’s not enough terror in your life, there’s instantTERROR!

Ryan Reynolds, who played Dead Pool in this summer’s Wolverine: Origins, was also cast in the upcoming Green Lantern film.  Well, I wonder what those two characters  – a Marvel and a DC – have to say about that…?

…And to top it all off, a love song to our dear, elder god…