Casper and the Spectrals

As a kid, I was a big fan of the character of Casper, The Friendly Ghost.  I loved the Harvey Comics starring the character, and used to enjoy the cartoons as well.  It wasn’t until I was older that it occurred to me that Casper could be the ghost of a dead kid.  I figured he was just always a ghost and was probably never really alive, although I guess that’s kind of contradictory to being a ghost, isn’t it?  One thing I was not a fan of, however, was the Casper movie with Cristina Ricci.  I know there was a DTV sequel, but I never saw that either.

It’s been a while since Casper was in the public spotlight, and it’s about time to get kids back into the supernatural goodness with a new comic book from Ardden Entertainment this October called Casper and the Spectrals! Take a look at their solicitation:

Just in time for Casper’s 60th anniversary, Ardden Entertainment proudly debuts Casper And The Supernaturals, an all-new take on the world’s most famous ghost and his two friends, Wendy the Witch and Hot Stuff! There is a city within New York City known as Spooky Town, but most humans are unable to see it. Within this city live the Supernaturals, the ghosts, goblins, demons and witches of the world. When an ancient entity known only as the Volbragg threatens both New York and Spooky Town, Casper and his friends are forced to band together and defeat an unimaginable evil!

Written by Todd Dezago (Tellos, Young Justice, Perhapanauts) with art by Pedro Delgado, I’m pretty excited to see more output from Ardden, who already put out the quality Flash Gordon series.  I’m definitely picking up this book this October – and it seems like it’s perfect for all ages.  Now, it’s probably too late, but it would have been pretty sweet for Ardden to release a cheapo version of the issue than can go in trick r’ treat bags … maybe next year!