You know, there have been some very exciting times for me since starting up IoM with my cohort, Mr. Head.  Interviewing Charles Band.  Directly talking to some of my favorite comic book writers and artists.  Recording Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie every Saturday morning.  And today, I was able to experience another super-exciting event – a conference call with Oren Koules, co-producer of “SAW,” and Michael Roddy, show director for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.  I mean, how often can you say that you spoke with the co-producer of what is undoubtedly the biggest horror franchise is a decade?  And the show director for what has become a tradition for me since my honeymoon (yes, we attended Halloween Horror Nights for our honeymoon)?

Today, a media conference call was held with the above two awesome guys that I was able to attend, along with guys from such pretigious sites as HHNCollector, HHNVault, and even FearNet!  The purpose of the call, primarily, was to discuss the partnership between Lionsgate and Universal to bring about the SAW haunted houses in Orlando and Hollywood.

The first thing that I noticed on the calll is that both Universal and Lionsgate are SUPER excited about the opportunity to work together.  There has been a ton of work (about 95% of the house is complete already) done on the SAW house already, and they are working on making it as authentic an experience as possible.  You walk through the rooms of the movies, which have been rebuilt in exquisite detail.  One particular aspect they seemed very excited about is that the visitors to the house would actually be setting off the traps as they walks through.  You’ll see traps such as the Reverse Bear Trap and Barbed Wire Maze from the original Saw, the Hair Pull from Saw IV, and come face to face with Jigsaw’s doll, Billy. I specifically asked if this would mean that Tobin Bell would be recording audio for the house.  The answer?  “All I can say is that that Tobin Bell has recorded audio specifically for Universal Orlando.”

One final point discussed was the “icon” this year, The Usher.  Much like last year’s Bloody Mary, the Usher will be all over the park, from the moment you enter (the entrance to the park is being redone as the entrance to the Universal Palace Theater) and throughout your time, as the Usher brings you into the scariest movies you’ve ever lived…

SAW, coming this year to HHN Orlando

Right after the call, Roddy also did an interview on Facebook to fans of their page.  Some of the higlights?

  • There will be a large portion of The Wolfman house set in the woods.
  • Apparently there are some easter eggs hidden in the Meetz Meats signs … another game?
  • There may be a return of VIP tours, taking you behind the scenes to look at the haunted houses with their lights on.
  • My Bloody Valentine and Phantom of the Opera, along with Psycho and The Strangers will be making an appearance in the houses and scarezones.
  • Leave it to Cleaver is inspired by Pieces.  The Spawning is inspired by CHUD!
  • No Michael Myers at Universal Studios Orlando.

Check out a video with Roddy talking about the event below!

Check out the full press release for the event after the jump!


For the First Time Ever, Universal Orlando Dedicates
its Entire Event to Mega-Horror Films

SAW, The Wolfman, Chucky and More Are “Ripped from the Silver Screen” at
The Country’s Best Halloween Event

ORLANDO, Fla. (August 27, 2009) – A cold, lifeless hand takes your ticket. You’re left with a bone-chilling shiver as you move toward an empty theater seat. The lights dim, voices fade, the film begins. The screen starts to rip apart as the action comes straight for you. The show’s about to begin…

For the first time ever, Universal Orlando is devoting its entire Halloween Horror Nights event to bringing horror films to life. All eight haunted houses, all six scare-zones and two live shows will be directly inspired by some of today’s most popular horror films.

In another first, guests will experience three powerful mega-horror film concepts live and in-person before seeing them on-screen: “SAW,” the legendary horror series from Lionsgate® and Twisted Pictures, due in theaters with its newest release of “SAW VI” this October; “The Wolfman” from Universal Pictures, in theaters February 2010; and “Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant,” also
from Universal Pictures, due in theaters October 2009. There will also be two additional haunted houses inspired by cult horror films.

“Our guests are going to feel as if their favorite horror films have left the screen and surrounded them,” said Jim Timon, senior vice president of entertainment for Universal Orlando Resort. “They will come face to face with many of the most disturbing characters in film history. When they leave Halloween Horror Nights, they’ll wish their experience was just a movie.”

The terrifying world of “SAW” – one of the most profitable horror franchises to date – will be transformed into a haunted house featuring iconic scenes from the films such as Jigsaw’s lair and the tomb-like bathroom. Guests will come face to face with Jigsaw and also watch as his victims struggle to try and win at his game.

Before guests can see the “The Wolfman” on-screen, they will be able to live its horror. In this house they will walk through scenes from the film, joining “The Wolfman’s” alter-ego Lawrence Talbot as he discovers a primal side of himself he didn’t know existed.

A world where toys go bad is brought to life in a haunted house inspired by the “Chucky” films.  Guests will experience a funhouse lead by the sadistic doll where favorite children’s toys aren’t what they seem.

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights will also include dramatic new interpretations of Universal Pictures’ famed Frankenstein and Dracula. Both will be featured in their own houses and both will be more horrifying and intense than ever before.

In the Silver Screams haunted house – based on a demented movie theater run by a supernatural usher – guests will experience “Shaun of the Dead,” Universal Pictures’ “The Phantom of the Opera,” Lionsgate®’s “My Bloody Valentine 3D” and more.

Two live shows inspired by popular films return this year – the entertaining “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute.”

Halloween Horror Nights runs September 25-26, October 1-4, 8-11, 15-18, 21-25 and 28-31. For a detailed listing of each haunted house, scarezone and show featured at this year’s event, see below. For more information and images, visit

Daily updates and exclusive details on Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights are available on the event’s official Facebook fan page: or search on Facebook for “Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights – Orlando OFFICIAL.”

Advance tickets are now on sale for $69.99 plus tax. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling 1-888-467-7677 (HORROR-7). Due to the event’s popularity, tickets for weekend nights are expected to sell out and should be purchased well in advance.

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