Waiting for the plane.

So yeah, Norfolk International Airport sucks.  I had planned on posting this article this morning, but the airport charges $7 bucks for WiFi.  That seemed a costly charge for less than two hours of WiFi.

Anywho, today is the unofficial start of Pauloween Horror Nights, the month-long celebration of all things scary culminating in my favorite holiday of the year, PAULOWEEN!  As I type this, I’m waiting on my Southwest flight to take me to Orlando, where I will be attending tonight’s opening ceremonies at Halloween Horror Nights!


There will be plenty of exciting events going on, including, but not limited to an appearance of the cast of the upcoming flick “The Vampire’s Assistant,” based on those Cirque du Freak books.  I’ll also be checking out all the houses and (hopefully) talking with one of the creative minds behind the event.  Keep your eyeballs on the site for more goodness throughout the weekend!

Saw this on the way in. (click to enlarge)