Kinda.  See, this December, Red 5 Comics will be releasing the trade paperback for Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time (guest starring Carl Sagan!), along with new printings of the first two super excellent books in the series, Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne (review) and Dogs of War (review)!  If I haven’t told you enough already how great this series is, let me reiterate – comic fan or not, Atomic Robo is essential reading for smart people!  Put it on your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chrismukah, or Aronmas list this December!

This December, the third volume of Atomic Robo debuts with the trade paperback Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time. It collects the acclaimed five-issue mini-series, with bonus stories and art… and the web-short “Atomic Robo vs The Yonkers Devil” in print for the first time.

To celebrate, the completely-sold-out first volume of Atomic Robo will return with a second printing with an all-new cover by artist Scott Wegener. If you’ve been missing out, be sure to pre-order this edition at your local comic shop now, so you’re not left out again.

Not to be left out, volume two Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War is being re-issued as well with a new Diamond order code.

All three volumes are in PREVIEWS now… order them from your local comic shop in October to ensure a merry Christmas.

Atomic Robo TPB Volume 1 (Second Printing) (OCT091063)

In his double-Eisner-nominated debut series (Best Limited Series, Best Coloring), ATOMIC ROBO takes on Nazis, giant ants, clockwork mummies, walking pyramids, Mars, cyborgs and his nemesis, and Baron von Helsingard. Reprints the sold-out first edition of the smash hit with all-new cover.

180 pages, $18.95, 2009-12-09

Atomic Robo TPB Volume 2 (OCT091064)

Eisner-nominated ATOMIC ROBO lands on the front lines of World War II against the science freaks and devastating weird weaponry of Nazi Germany — from invincible walking tanks to atomic-powered weather cannons to the Monster Soldiers of the Third Reich. Can ROBO and THE SPARROW, Britain’s greatest covert operative, complete their mission and turn the tide of the war without killing one another?

152 pages, $19.95, 2009-02-25

Atomic Robo TPB Volume 3(OCT091062)

It is 1926 when H.P. LOVECRAFT comes calling to warn ATOMIC ROBO of imminent doom. But the SHADOW FROM BEYOND TIME escapes into the future, intersecting with our world through the 20th century. The future and history of the universe hangs in the balance as ATOMIC ROBO teams up with, uh, ATOMIC ROBO in a last ditch effort to protect reality itself.

152 pages, $18.95, 2009-12-09