Paul always says that “All the cool stuff happens somewhere else.”  Since he lives in Virginia, I can understand why he’d say that.  For once, I agree with him.

From the Isotope press release:

In honor of James Robinson and Mark Bagley‘s up-coming run on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, the Isotope, along with our friends at Details Magazine and Warner Brothers, are taking over the entire second floor of San Francisco’s legendary Bloomingdale’s for a massive bash of truly monolithic proportions. Yes… you read that correctly!

Join us for an evening of cocktails, DJs, gourmet finger foods, and fabulous high fashion. Witness Christopher Nolan‘s screen-used Batman suit as well as the Catwoman, and Two-Face costumes straight from the silver screen. And best of all…

… come meet James Robinson, author of SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, NEW WORLD OF KRYPTON, and STARMAN! And don’t forget to pick up James and Mark Bagley’s first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA the very next week!

I’m a huge fan of both James Robinson and cocktails.   This sounds so cool.  I sure wish this was happening at my Bloomies.

Maybe Robinson will throw Paul and I a pity interview for the podcast?