T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney.

Last week, while I was in Orlando, I stayed relatively quiet with my outtings.  I was there a week before my family and, once they joined me, I knew we’d eat at some of the more touristy/gimmicky places.  The night they arrived, we checked out the T-REX Cafe, in Downtown Disney (official site here).

A word of the wise for those thinking about getting dinner here.  This place is LOUD.  Not only do the high ceilings and large rooms make for a ton of echo, the animatronic dinosaurs roar loudly and, every half hour, there’s a meteor shower that causes loud explosions and tons and tons of screaming dinos.  Yes, symbolically, the dinosaurs die every 30 minutes at T-REX – fun for the whole family!

I wish I could follow up that bit of bad news by saying that at least I enjoyed my meal but, sadly, I’m not sure anyone at the table really did.  The food isn’t horrible, really, but it’s way too expensive for what you get.  A burger, cheese sticks, and a sandwich (with 2 sodas) cost $50 bucks.  Yeah…a bit on the pricey side.

However, the restaurant inside is freakin’ awesome.  The dinosaurs look a helluva lot better than the ones at Dinosaur World (and these move!).  The decor is amazing, and just to experience it once is pretty fun, even if the food and service (oh man, such bad service) detract from the overall experience.  My recommendation?  Go in, walk around, take pictures, and have a drink at the cool bar.  Otherwise, don’t waste the money on what will ultimately be an unsatisfying experience.  With some work on the service, and a lot of work on the menu, I think this place would be worth the money but as it stands, not so much.

Check out a ton of pics I took here!