debtstarThe image to the left (which cracked me the hell up) was linked on Twitter by Joe Selby.  I know it’s been awhile, but you remember Joe.   Formerly of the Podge Cast? Yeah, I’ve forgotten what he sounds like, too.

I agree with Joe.  I wish all propaganda was this well-done.  And amusing.

CBR has a terrific preview of Robert Kirkman’s Haunt #1.  Releasing this week from Image Comics, Haunt features art from talented mo-fo’s like Greg Capullo, Ryan Ottley, and the legendary Todd McFarlane.  Haunt is gonna be hawt!

Kevin Smith talks about Disney buying Marvel in an interview with MTV.  Speaking of Brother Smith, he’ll be in Dallas at The House of Blues on November 7th.  I might be going to that!

In probably the biggest news story of the week, NPR revealed the secrets of @HOBODARKSEID.

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