austinSaturday, The Wife and I headed out to the Texas hill country for a wedding.  I didn’t know the nuptial couple, but Suzanne works with the groom.  So we left stately Head Manor early in the morning and made the 200 mile drive down to Austin.

It was a great trip.  On the way down we chatted, told stories and even sang a duet  inclusive of all the words to the Green Acres theme.

Suzanne sang the Eva Gabor part, me the Eddie Albert.

I made a case that Eddie and Eva as Oliver and Lisa ought to be our costumes for Halloween.  Jury’s still out on that one.

At the reception, I asked the harpist to play Freebird.  She blew me off.  Harpists are so stuck up.

This old guy approached me.  “Ken,” He said, “You’ve put on some weight since I saw you last.”

“I’m not Ken,” I said, “And fuck you.”

Lovely reception.

Once done at wedding central, we swung by Austin Books.  It’s been awhile since I have been there.  In fact, last time I was there the store was being remodeled.  Oh.  My.  God.

austin books
"Hulk say this not library... RAAAARGGH!"

The store is HUGE now.

The picture to the right is just one view of the store and represents a small portion of it.  Sweet Jebus, I could spend lots of money there.  Without a doubt one of the most complete trade paperback collections I have ever seen.  And lots and lots of comics.  New issues.  Back issues.  Collected sets.  Manga.  Indy.  You name it, they’ve got it.

They have the best cabinets for their back issues.  Hand crafted, the drawers glide out.  Loves them.  Store owner Brad, bastard that he is, has refused to sell me one.

That’s fine, Brad.   I will revenge myself on you.  But first I have to read these books I bought at your delicious store.

I expressed my admiration to the store clerk about what they’ve done to the store.  “Oh, thanks,” He said.  “We’re not done.”

I can only imagine that the stripper pole will be added next.

We stopped at Threadgills for lunch.  Known as much for their live music  (Joplin played here) as their food (do not miss the spinach casserole), Threadgills provides tasty southern food in wonderfully weird Austin fashion.

We were just down for the day, so after lunch we headed north on Interstate 35 to return to DFW.

One the way home, we hit The Czech Stop which has the best cinnamon rolls anywhere.  We grabbed a pair to enjoy with our Sunday morning coffee.  Some cookies and a kolache or two may have followed us home as well.

Comic books.  Lunch.  Baked goods.  Good day.

Oh yes, and seeing a couple united in holy matrimony.  That, too.