RonMarzComic writer Ron Marz (Witchblade, Green Lantern, Silver Surfer) had a lot to say last night 140-characters at a time about Marvel and DC’s current event stories:

So sounds like the classic Avengers lineup will be returning in a big event. Rumor has it that Superman will return to Earth in a big event.

And you have to expect that when Bruce Wayne returns as Batman … it’ll be tricked up into a big event.

Is that what qualifies as a big storyline now? Taking a character away for a while, and then inevitably returning to the status quo?

It’s like watching the same magician pull the same rabbit out of the same hat over and over.

I know that kind of story is part of superhero comics. But do we have to act like we’re splitting the atom every time we pull the same gag?

I can’t help but think about Kirby, who just kept creating new stuff throughout his career, rather than falling back on recycling.

None of us will ever be Kirby … but we can aspire. We can look to him as an example.

I don’t disagree with Ron.  The-Batman’s-gone-and-Dick-Grayson-is-now-Batman story has indeed been told.  Eleven years ago in Prodigal, in fact.  In all fairness, that story sucked.  This one – in the pages of Batman, anyway – is actually pretty cool.

death_of_supermanAll due respect to Ron, it ain’t the same gag.  Superman left Earth for a New Krypton.  Last time?  He was killed.   The stories that rolled out of that iconic sacrifice rocked the DC Universe, their effects still felt today. Don’t believe me?

Characters such as Superboy (Conner/Kon El) and Steel came from those 90s era tales.  They’re still around today, sixteen years later.  Steel, a noble supporting character, and Superboy a hero growing up in the shadow of an icon, finding his own way.

Superman’s death remains a touchstone event for the characters of the DC universe.  Writers maintain the event as milestone in the history of their setting.  Where were you when Superman died?

It’s not the leaving – it’s the way the stories are told. After all, there are no new stories.  Haven’t been for a very long, long time.  It is the artful crafting of the tale that brings us back every Wednesday.  And there’s a lot of fine craft in our comics these days.

Is he  honestly saying that Greg Rucka is telling the same story that Jurgens, Ordway, and the others told?

I wonder.