Oh man…it’s a shame this stuff won’t be out in time for Christmas.  I sure as hell need one of these belt buckles. And I don’t smoke, but the cigarette case is pretty awesome too!

From Dark Horse’s February solicitations:

On sale Feb 24
Dark Horse is proud to introduce a stunning line of officially- licensed Buck Rogers accessories, produced by our friends at Retro-A-Go-Go for the modern space traveler! High quality stainless steel card cases to carry all your off world identification. Highlight the keys to your rocket car with our Art Deco inspired key chains. Or decorate your moon base with one of the stylish and functional photo frames! Buck Roger was ahead of his time, and guess what? He still is!

Buck Rogers 1930’s Collection Frame $31.99
Buck Rogers 25th Century Frame $31.99
Buck Rogers Collage Frame $31.99
Buck Rogers Logo Belt Buckle $21.99
Buck Rogers Ray Gun Belt Buckle $21.99
Buck Rogers Ray Gun Cigarette Case $29.99
Buck Rogers Rocket Man Belt Buckle $21.99
Buck Rogers Rocket Man Cigarette Case $29.99
Buck Rogers Small Case $22.99
Buck Rogers Space Girls Unite Belt Buckle $21.99
Buck Rogers Spaceship Key Chain $12.00
Buck Rogers Spaceship Small Case $22.99
Buck Rogers Vintage Cigarette Case $29.99
Buck Rogers Vintage Key Chain $12.00
Buck Rogers Wilma Cigarette Case $29.99
Buck Rogers Wilma Key Chain $12.00