Milestone Forever, from DC

From the DCU’s Source Blog,

Milestone Forever gathers the original artists from Milestone’s launch titles: John Paul Leon, Mark Bright, Chris Cross and Milestone Founder Denys Cowan, to complete the tales told in the original runs of STATIC SHOCK, ICON, HARDWARE, SHADOW CABINET and BLOOD SYNDICATE. Milestone Editor in Chief Dwayne McDuffie reveals the final fate of each of Milestone’s launch characters in a bittersweet tale that chronicles the literal end of a universe, and the birth of something new, with major consequences for the future of the DC Universe.

Aron and I were both big fans of the original MILESTONE Universe from DC back in the early-mid 90’s, and the chance of reuniting the original teams and ending the old storylines?  Bittersweet, like it says above.  I have faith in the team though to end things with a bang!