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Last week was a pretty packed week for comics, and good comics at that. Daredevil #502 continues to restore my faith in the character.  Green Lantern Corps #42 had a shocking, tragic character death.  Tracker #1 brought us a new take on werewolves (keep an eye out for our interview with writer Jonathan Lincoln, coming soon).  Vengeance of the Moon Knight, X-Force, The Unwritten, Witchblade…tons of great books to be had!  Still no other book, for me, was as highly anticipated as Ardden Entertainment’s Casper and The Spectrals #1.

I know, I know…

But, to be up front, I loved the character as a kid.  I enjoyed Ardden’s Flash Gordon mini-series.  And I’m a huge fan of writer Todd Dezago, and his ideas for the character really interested me.  I mean, let’s be honest … if we were quick to write off cartoony looking characters as kid’s stuff, none of us would be into comics right now, and Bone wouldn’t be one of the best graphic novels of all time.  I’m always interested in great all-ages comics, that don’t get bogged down in dark and gritty storytelling, heroes not acting heroic, uber-violence and gratuitous profanity (kinda like reading IoM!  ha!).

So yeah, Casper and The Spectrals is darn good comics.  Hands down, moreso than any other book I read last week, this was by far the most fun.  Don’t take my word for it?  I’m not the only one who says it.

Similar to the concept of Monsters, Inc., Casper belongs to a world of supernatural creatures that have to scare folks from our world in order to build up enough energy to contain an ancient evil in his prison.  Neighboring towns to Ghostburg include Witch Way (where Wendy lives), and Deviland (where Hot Stuff comes from).  So writer Dezago quickly sets up the rules of the world in the first issue in a way that’s inviting an exciting, as well as fun for readers of all ages.

Just as strong as Dezago’s writing (Dezago also wrote Tellos, The Perhapanauts, Young Justice, and Impulse) is the art by Pedro Delgado.  Where did they find this guy and how can I hire him?  I mean…this art is beautiful stuff!  Great for an all-ages book, with bold outlines that make this book feel like a cartoon, but having the welcoming touch you used to feel when you read comics as a kid.

I’m giving Casper and the Spectrals my highest possible recommendation.  I’ve already read issue #1 twice, and I’m keeping it next to my bed to read it a third time in the near future.