Batman Confidential #36
Batman Confidential #36

I don’t normally pick up Batman Confidential, but the upcoming “Blackhawk Down,” starting this week, arc just seems like it’ll really be pretty awesome.

From DC’s Source blog,

Writer Royal McGraw and artist Marcos Marz kick off a new CONFIDENTIAL arc titled “Blackhawk Down,” as we see Wayne Industries collaborator Blackhawk Industries lose valuable information right under Batman’s nose. The Dark Knight’s investigation leads him to Poland and an unexpected team-up to try and find out who’s behind the information swipe. Oh, and did I mention a giant robot? Well, there you go.

This looks like a pulpy Batman tale similar to what I’m expecting from DC’s upcoming First Wave line, and man…that cover just looks hella great.  I’m not too familiar with Royal McGraw’s stuff – in fact, I think I only read a fill in issue of Batman or Detective Comics he did a couple of years back.

Check out a ton more preview art here!