Updated 9 AM EST 11/25:

Here’s the actual video from Attack of the Show:

Updated 9:45 EST:

On Attack of the Show tonight, it was revealed that the secret project in question is Shield, with artist Dustin Weaver.  Despite the title, I’m not entirely sure how much it has to do with Nick Fury’s SHIELD. “They’ve been around since the dawn of time. … how do they impact the past, present and future of the Marvel Universe?” The story will involve historical figures who protect the Earth from Galactus and other interstellar threats.

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Damned if I know…I hope it has something to do with Secret Warriors, which may be my favorite Marvel title right now, and is also written by Hickman.  Marvel released a preview picture that may give some hints …

Click to see the full piece of art by Gerard Patel!
Click to see the full piece of art by Gerard Patel!

Let’s all hope it’s not the Eternals … yech.  But we can find out TONIGHT by watching Attack of the Show on G4 Tech TV at 7PM EST!

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