Deb’s writing for IoM now.  This is good.

I’ve known Deb in excess of ten years.  She’s played in Star Trek RPGs I’ve run as well as my World of Darkness campaign.  Not table tops, mind you.  Rather my play-by-e-mail (PBeM) games.

She is a gifted player, committing to the role as few do.  She is ingenious and crafty.  Deb remains one of the most confounding players I’ve ever gamed with.  She rarely takes the bait leaving my traps woefully lonesome.  I both hate and love that about her.  She’s the stone ‘gainst which my game master’s blade is honed.

As the best players do, she surprises the GM.

Deb is also a gifted writer.  As such, I’ve been after her to write for Ideology since we opened up shop.  I’ve finally worn her down.

I am tickled to announce that starting today, she’s now an Ideology of Madness contributor.

She will be penning a weekly column, Tuesday Tales, in which she will serialize the exploits of the character she played in my World of Darkness PBeM game, Austin After Dark.  The first two chapters will follow this entry in rather short order with two more tomorrow for Tuesday’s regular feature.

She’ll also write reviews on occasion and whatever else tickles her geek.

Everybody please welcome Deb to the tree house!