iom_comicsSo, according to this interview from Word Balloon (and from an article on Newsarama), our much beloved Batwoman will not only be ending her run on Detective Comics, but sometime in 2010, will be starring in her own Batwoman title!  Details are a little scarce now, but it seems as if this week’s issue of Detective Comics will be the last one teaming writer Greg Rucka (who continues on with the title for now) and artist JH Williams III (who looks to be getting started on his work for Batwoman).

When we spoke with Rucka for out VERY FIRST episode of Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie (listen now), he said he had at least 12 issues planned for Williams, and according to current reports, the remaining issues from that planned arc will actually be the start of the Batwoman series, with a new reader-friendly first issue to start the series off.

I’ve been up and down in my feelings for the run on Detective, with complete head-over-heels love for the flashback stuff of Batwoman’s origin, but disinterest for the stories taking place in modern times.  The series has been a critical and commercial hit, and I think it was just a mtter of time before a Batwoman series got off the ground!