iom_comicsOne thing that fans have been divided on since the beginning is DC’s co-feature program.  For some titles, it’s a perfect companion piece to the main feature (as in Detective Comics), whereas in others, it’s 8 pages of wasted material that we don’t even bother reading.  Didio spoke with CBR, and announced the following changes:

  • Green Arrow, Booster Gold and Doom Patrol will all lose their co-features moving forward and will return to a $2.99 price point.  Booster Gold will be losing its Blue Beetle co-feature, with Blue Beetle moving on to another series (I’m guessing Teen Titans).
  • Action Comics, Adventure Comics and Batman: Streets of Gotham will change their currently co-features for new ones starring different characters.
  • Teen Titans, Justice League of America and JSA All-Stars will include co-features focusing on different cast members related to the main team.
  • On occasion, a co-feature will be dropped for a month if the main story needs to expand out to 30-pages.
  • Co-features in The Shield and The Web will be replaced by rotating stories featuring more characters associated with the classic Archie Comics superhero line.
  • DC’s “Doc Savage” series will include a “Justice, Inc.” co-feature, and “The Spirit” ongoing will have a “Spirit Black and White” series of stories.
  • Green Lantern Corps will gain a co-feature in the new year. And, I’m assuming, a $3.99 price point.
  • The best news ever – The “Question” co-feature in Detective Comics will remain unchanged.

Check out more information on the changes at CBR!