FCBDcoverThis week, on his official blog, David Petersen, the creator of the super awesome Mouse Guard comic series (who we talked with way back when), revealed a first look at Archaia’s Free Comic Book Day book for May 1, 2010 (I’m surprised it’s not May 8th, the day after Iron Man 2 is released).

Archaia will be releasing a Free Comic Book day ‘flip’ book that features a new Mouse Guard story from me and a Fraggle Rock story and cover on the other side. Here is my cover for the Mouse Guard side of the issue. The white box is for comic retailers to stamp or label their logo/address in hopes to attract new readership to comics to their store. The story I’m doing will be 10 pages and will take place in Spring 1153 (as an homage to everyone who asks when ‘Spring’ is coming in the book series)

We’re HUGE fans of Petersen and his Mouse Guard series, and a Fraggle Rock comic too?  Hell to the yes!  Sign me up!